Sep 5, 2014

Released and rebooked! Trespasser Dan Dobbs arrested again


Dan, malicious mischief or vandalism or graffitti?

Dan Dobbs, realignment poster boy.

What judge's ruling means about Tree special allegation not applying

PC190.2(a)(3) would have applied if Bodhi had been found guilty of more than one count of 1st degree murder. That was one of the options they had. They ruled 2nd degree for the murders of Christina and Sunshine.

So today, the judge ruled that the special allegation of PC 190.2 (a) (3) was not "found true" because of the 2nd degree verdict. If it had been true, sentencing would be life without parole.

This jury did not rule first degree because they did not feel it was premeditated on Tree's part. They found him guilty of 2nd degree murder and for Rhett August guilty of attempted murder. This jury was dedicated, did a good job.

And the defense wants to use legalities to request their client get probation! Bodhi Tree has a criminal past, he killed 2 people and almost killed another. Justice is not always served by laws. Tree still has no remorse. He sat in court today with his "bad ass stare."

Inaccurate court calendar and computers cause confusion; Tree hearing occurs despite incompetence

The hearing today occurred despite confusion caused by a wrong date of September 15 in the court computer system. The court staff, attorneys and everyone present at the last hearing had September 5. Prior to today, members of the media and jurors were calling to see if the September 5 court date was still happening. A couple jurors emailed me. The court calendar is inaccurate most of the time and this isn't the first time the court dates have been messed up in the system. The same source of information the clerk's on I street rely on. The court personnel responsible for both needs an overhaul.

I have written previous posts on the errors and yet no changes.

Cardelli sentence stands, Marsden motion denied

The public defender's office had been appointed for Dino Cardelli while his Marsden motion was being heard. Casey Russo appeared last time and today, Kevin Robinson stood by Cardelli who is in custody.

ADA Kelly Neel represented the People.  Judge Bruce Watson's ruling was to deny Marsden motion and let the sentence stand. He said Cardelli's previous attorney M. C. Bruce represented Cardelli "agressively" and addressed the substantive issues.

Tree sentencing continued until October 10

Citing the second jury verdict, Bodhi Tree's lawyer Heidi Holmquist argued that the special allegation be thrown out and requested probation for Tree.

The matter has been referred to probation for a pre sentencing report and sentencing has been set for October 10 at 2 p.m. Ms. Holmquist requested the October date since she will be away on vacation and to give probation adequate time to prepare their report.

DDA Elan Firpo came from another courtroom. While she submitted on the special allegation, she requested definite date for sentencing and no more continuances mainly because the victim's families are flying in from out of town. Other community members and jurors want to be present.

Members of the jury and friends of Christina and Sunshine were present for sentencing and said they "would be disappointed" if Tree got probation.

Mr. Russo and Ms. Holmquist did not even acknowledge the two jurors who wished them a nice weekend after today's hearing.

Judge Reinholtsen stated on record the penal code that Ms. Holmquist stated asking for a ruling special allegations "are not true."

I am still updating this post about the special allegation and ruling ...please check back later...

Sep 4, 2014

Berkley Council votes to require dispensaries to donate 2% of pot

LOCO is the source for local news

I check LOCO often just like every one else. They get news, updates, information out faster than any one else. They are the one stop where you can click and check what other media and blogs have posted.

When something happens or you hear of an incident, inquiring minds ask, "Is it up on LOCO?"

Hank, one request, with all the crime, deaths, busts, LOCO readers need more Goff. A weekly column titled Goff'd.

Witness and DA in Eddie Lee case make an oops in Lee case; Judge has to fix it

The most exciting part of the Eddie Lee trial was before testimony started today. Yesterday, retired Deputy Troy Garry was testifying. District Attorney Paul Gallegos who is prosecuting Eddie Lee for the murder of William Reid in 2010 and Mr. Gary made a reference to a prior felony conviction.

Judge John Feeney had to clarify to the jury that Lee had no prior felony conviction in "this jurisdiction".  The case that Mr. Gallegos and Mr. Gary referred to was not in California but Oregon and Lee was granted probation.

This is only the second day of testimony after opening arguments and we have had two clarifications. As for the probation/conviction snafu, Lee's attorney, Mr. Darryl Stallworth mentioned the Oregon probation and what it was for in opening statements.

Was Mr. Gallegos not paying attention to his opposing counsel's statements or did he not fact check his witnesses' testimony?

Rest in peace Bill

This next Arts Alive and future events and when I walk around Old Town, there will be a void left by you. We didn't agree on much except anonymous blogs and bloggers. Who knows if we had talked more, what else we would find in common.

I enjoyed your shout out and critique of me because it was honest and genuine. You were a passionate advocate who made a difference in your community and spoke out.

One person can make a difference. Rest in peace, Bill.

Reduction in Humboldt County Superior Court Clerk's office hours, again due to budget cuts

From the Superior Court website:

As a result of the unprecedented budgets cuts to the Judicial Branch, the Superior Court of
California, County of Humboldt, finds it necessary to reduce the hours the Clerks’ Office is
available to the public.
• Beginning Monday, November 3, 2014, the Court Clerks’ Office hours will be 9:00 a.m.
to 2:00 p.m., (reduced from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday, excluding
court holidays. This also applies to answering telephone inquiries.
• A public drop box is available at the 421 “I” Street location for same day filings during
normal business hours up to 4:00 p.m. Please do not put cash in the drop box.
The new office hours will continue indefinitely.
The Court finds the above actions are necessary due to the significant and continuing budget cuts
to the State Judicial Branch Budget. Since 2009, state funding for the judicial branch has been
significantly reduced, with those reductions impacting the budgets of individual superior courts.
Our projected deficit for FY 2014-15 is $70,784. The limited amount of funding restored in FY
2014-15 does not make it fiscally feasible for the Clerks’ Office hours to remain open until 4:00
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to submit comments
about the proposed reduction in the Clerks’ Office hours, please send them to Kerri Keenan,
Court Executive Officer, 825 Fifth Street, Room 231, Eureka, CA 95501.
Pursuant to Government Code section 68106, this proposal has been published for public
comment. The sixty day comment period is August 29, 2014 through October 28, 2014.

Sep 3, 2014

Father-son like relationship triumphed over Lee's past heroin use, victim's past cocaine use

Angela Luizzi, the woman who last communicated with William Reid testified today about "my good friend Billy Reid." They grew up in East Chester, N.Y. , went to grammar school and high school together. The families knew each other. Then they lost touch with each for 20 years until they reconnected on Facebook.

Luizzi described Reid as an "animal lover" who adored his dogs Eli and Sadie. He loved Humboldt and on Feb 3, 2010 told her he had won $700 at Blue Lake Casino and was planning to visit her.

Reid told her Eddie and Moriah lived with him. She identified photos she posted for Reid on Facebook. They spoke and texted daily. There was no romantic relationship. She said they were "best friends". She knew he grew and sold pot.

On cross, Lee's attorney Mr. Stallworth asked her about Billy who she described as a "fun, loving and outgoing person." Luizzi told Mr. Stallworth Reid told her Moriah helped him set up a facebook account. She did not know details about his marijuana business. She was surprised when Mr. Stallworth told her that Reid had visited family over Christmas holidays in 2009. She confirmed that Reid told her he did not have a license and she was aware of his drug and alcohol issues.

She admitted he never spoke "badly" about Eddie and Moriah. She had no knowledge if Eddie drove him around. On February 3 when he called from the car, she assumed the person in the car was Eddie because "Eddie was always with him."

He was supposed to call Feb 4 and when he did not respond to text or facebook messages, she contacted his family.

Marilyn Reid, Billy's sister, testified that the last time she saw him was New Year's Day 2010. She said Reid and Colorado, then L.A. then moved to Humboldt. Her brother told her that he was caretaking/fixing the house he lived in for an elderly gentleman. She knew he "was growing pot." In response to Mr. Gallegos's question, she said, "He did not have lawful work."

Billy Reid's father has been in the courtroom. Ms. Reid, Billy's father and Angela Luizzi were accompanied by Victim Witness Representatives.  Ms. Reid confirmed some of the statements  Luizzi made. Her brother loved the home, the views from his house, Eddie and Moriah lived with him.

She identified Lee from and said her brother had shown her a photograph on his cell-phone of Eddie and Moriah at the beach and that she overheard him authorize Eddie to purchase a Pathfinder and pay $3,000.This was during the visit at Christmas. Ms. Reid said he never mentioned Jessica or Limmie.

She went into details about how the family got alerted, reported him missing and that she had texted a photo of her brother and the dogs to "ADA Dollison."

"I knew he was growing and selling pot, I never asked why." She paused and said, "He always smoked pot." Ms. Reid seemed uncomfortable discussing pot or drug use by her brother. She was very stoic but at times you could see her fighting back her tears.

On cross, Mr. Stallworth started by expressing condolences. He asked about Billy, the family. Answering his questions, Ms. Reid said that her brother worked for Verizon in New York state, he left in his 30s to go to Florida. At this point, Mr. Stallworth asked her and she confirmed that Reid was in Florida for long term rehab for cocaine use. He then moved to Colorado and finally California.

Mr. Stallworth asked Ms. Reid if she knew if "Billy was doing cocaine." She answered, "As far as she knew, "just marijuana."

Reid told his sister he made "$85,000 gross" in 2009 selling marijuana. Mr. Stallworth asked if he sent any money home or if Reid's younger brother, also named Eddie was "in the business" and if Reid sold any marijuana in N.Y. She answered no to all questions. She said she knew Eddie and Moriah were assisting him but not specifics.

Reid told his sister he took Eddie and Moriah in "off the streets because they were strung on heroin and he did not want them to have the problems he had."

Mr. Stallworth asked about her brother trusting Eddie, brought up that he authorized Eddie to buy the Pathfinder with $3,000 in cash. "Eddie was like a son to him," said Ms. Reid.

Judge Feeney clarifies sexual penetration charge in Lee case

This morning before the Eddie Lee trial resumed, Judge John Feeney said he wanted to make a clarification. He said when he read the charging document, he read statutory language.

"There is no allegation in this case that Mr. Lee had any sexual contact with the remains."

The words in yesterday's post were exactly as Judge Feeney read them from the document under the charges of "mutilation of grave".

PC 69 is resisting arrest, mutilation of graves and sexual penetration of human remains. When writing statutory language in California, were they smoking Humboldt's famous cash crop?

Scotia Renner burglarized; water heater taken

On 09-03-2014, at approximately 8:00 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office was notified of a burglary by an employee of Renner Petroleum. The employee reported at approximately 1:10 a.m. this morning, two suspects walked onto the Renner Petroleum card lock property in Scotia. The suspects then gained access to a bathroom on the site. The bathroom lock is supposed to only accept Renner gas cards or credit cards. One of the suspects removed a water heater from the bathroom. The water heater is designed for a sink and only weighs five pounds. The employee told the deputy the suspect who stole the water heater appeared to have electrical experience, because he did not damage the wall and he taped off the wires like an electrician.

 The employee told the investigating deputy he reviewed a video tape of the crime and watched the suspects steal the water heater. He provided still photos to the deputy in hopes someone could identify the suspects.

The suspects are described as follows:

1. White, male adult, with a goatee and a tattoo on his right shoulder, wearing a white tank top with a baseball hat worn backwards.

2. White male adult, wearing camouflaged colored pants, and a camouflaged colored jacket, with a shaved head.

Limmie Greg Curry trial set for November 10; defense requests daily transcripts of Lee trial

Limmie Curry is accused of murdering William Reid along with Eddie Lee. Curry's attorney Mr. Kevin Robinson requested that Curry's trial "follow " shortly after Lee's trial concludes which is expected to end late October.

Mr. Robinson also requested today that Mr. Casey Russo who works with him be allowed to prepare for the Curry case, in case "he is hung up in other trials." Mr. Gallegos had an objection but he said "they could cross that bridge" later. Mr. Robinson is the defense attorney in the Jason Warren case, which is taking up a lot of time and while he does not expect it to go to trial this year, it may. Mr. Gallegos is currently tge one prosecuting the case.

Sep 2, 2014

St. Bernard intruder Prochnau arrested for PC69

Sherman Ross Prochnau was arrested in Arcata today for PC69. Previously, Prochnau broke into St. Bernard's and was sniffed and drawn out after the police canine bit his leg.

He had to be sent out of the area for medical care. The Eureka incident did not result in jail time but from Fortuna to Eureka and now in Arcata, Prochnau got arrested again.

Part of PC69 is resisting arrest. Wonder if he tried to bite the officer this time? Resisting arrest seems to be a pattern for Prochnau. When he broke into St. Bernard's rectory in Eureka, he had been kicked out of a clean and sober house for being high.

Husband asks wife to shoot him and she complies with his request

 On 08-31-2014, at approximately 7:30 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from a man who reported his wife was armed with a .44 caliber handgun and just shot at him. Deputies and California Highway Patrol (C.H.P.) Officers responded to the 600 block of Oakridge Drive, Redway where they met with the male victim outside the residence.  The investigating deputy spoke with the 44 year old male husband, while C.H.P. Officers watched the couple's residence, where the victim said his wife was located. The victim told the deputies at approximately 5:00 p.m. his wife Kim Aileen Peterson, 44 years old, came home intoxicated, and they got into a verbal argument which lasted almost two hours. At one point during the argument, the victim asked Peterson why she doesn't just shoot him.  Peterson walked into the couple's master bedroom while the victim stood in the kitchen. The victim heard a gunshot and immediately retreated from the home. He called law enforcement from a neighbor's residence. The victim was not injured.

 While the deputy was speaking with the victim, Peterson walked out of the residence unarmed and surrendered. Peterson told the deputy the weapon she used was cocked and loaded, and was located underneath a vehicle in the driveway of the residence. She later told the deputy she fired the weapon outside the home, never at the victim. Deputies searched the residence and did not locate any bullet holes in the residence.

 Peterson was arrested for negligently discharging a firearm, and was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked.  Her bail was set at $100,000.00.

Eddie Lee "fell in love with this area" and chose HSU over other options; the story of a dreamer who ended up accused as a murderer

Eddie Lee has been in custody while waiting for this case to go to trial.

Mr. Stallworth ended his opening statments by telling the story of Eddie Lee. A young child of bi-racial parents with blue eyes and wavy black hair that everyone loved. A kid and a young man who never got in trouble, even being raised in Michigan, in a city of crime. Lee was recruited into a mentor program, "I had a Dream" as a youth, got great grades. Lee chose HSU instead of UC Davis or Sacramento State and pre-med major in biology because he "fell in love with this area."

Lee had a job in 2007. He came from a family that always worked, great work ethic. "He doesn't rob people," said Mr. Stallworth. In 2008, Lee took a break from school. In 2009, he was finding it hard to keep up with his chosen major and wanted to change his career path. He had problems finding affordable housing in Arcata. Mr. Stallworth said that at this point he met Moriah Foster, a cocaine user who "smoked a lot of marijuana" and "she changed his life." Lee was in love for the first time.

After he met her, he got kicked out of school. Moriah and Eddie did odd jobs to pay the bills and Lee ended up meeting Reid through Moriah. Mr. Stallworth said Reid was 45-46 years old and it was his "first time cultivating marijuana." Someone in SoCal told Reid about an empty, abandoned house.

Eddie and Moriah became trimmers, Reid liked Lee's work ethic. "Billy Reid loved my client like a son." He had them move in, trim marijuana, help around the house. According to Mr. Stallworth, Reid "drank a lot of alcohol and didn't have a license so he paid Lee to drive him around." Referring to why Lee did not declare this income, Mr. Stallworth said "he could not claim it because it was illegal."

Lee was on probation in 2009 because he was given a pound of marijuana to sell and transport to Oregon and got busted for a broken taillight. While Reid was in New York in Fall of 2009, Moriah and Eddie invited Eddie's sister Jessica and her boyfriend Curry for Thanksgiving.

Mr. Stallworth described Curry as "a bad boyfriend and an Oakland thug." Eddie was worried about his sister and knew Curry was "robbing people." He proposed a deal to Curry that the four of them purchase clones from Reid and harvest 400 pounds of marijuana in 2010 and spilt the profits.

Mr. Stallworth said that Lee needed Reid's connections to sell marijuana and he stood to gain a lot more money from the larger grow than the alleged $10,000 he spent.

On Feb 3, Lee brought Curry to meet Reid. Lee was hoping Curry would work as a trimmer and then they could propose the clone idea. Reid was "suspicious" of Curry but since he knew Lee, he invited them into the house. The generator broke down, Lee and Reid went to fix it. Reid returned to the house before Lee and then Lee saw Curry shoot Reid "six times."

Curry then pointing the gun at Lee tells him to help him dispose of the body. Mr. Stallworth concluded by referring to alleged conversations between inmate Quentin Williams and Lee. He called Williams a snitch, an older African American man who befriended Lee and "advised" Lee while he was in prison. Mr. Stallworth said because Lee is biracial, he had some problems in jail.

Mr. Stallworth ended his remarks asking the jury to find his client not guilty.

Eddie Lee to "take the stand" ; "He has waited 41/2 years to tell you what happened and he will tell you what happened"

Mr. Stallworth started his opening remarks with, "My condolences to the family of William Reid."

"The prosecutor's opening statement was powerful. It provided you with a lot of information. What it failed to do was tell you what you are supposed to do and I will cut to the chase."

"This is not a ID case. Limmie Curry killed William Reid. Eddie Lee was present. My question to you is did Eddie Lee know? Did he aid and abet? That is your task."

"The prosecution theory is weak, it is based on circumstanstial evidence." Mr. Stallworth referred to the movie, "My Cousin Vinny" and quoted "Does the prosecutor's case hold water?"

Mr. Stallworth used the analogy of a walkthrough when he was buying his first house. He said when he was so excited to buy the house  that even as a lawyer, he ignored the hairline cracks and door that would not close. The problems worsened a few weeks after he moved into the house. "The house had the same problem the prosecutor has in this case, the house was built on poor foundation."

"Evidence comes to you through direct, physical and circumstansial evidence. There will be no direct evidence in this case that Eddie knew what Limmie planned to do. No physical evidence. Just phone conversations."

Mr. Stallworth said that the prosecutors had nothing to show that "Eddie had any knowledge; any intention of doing anything with Limmie."

"You cannot convict a man of murder based on receipts of purchases."

"Any good defense attorney can stop now and ask you to find their client not guilty based on reasonable doubt," said Mr. Stallworth. He said he was going to go further.

"Eddie was 21 years old when he was arrested and charged. He has been waiting 4 1/2 years to come and tell you what happened. He will fill in the gaps in this case; everything else is conjecture."

"In a society where personal worth is equated with economic growth and guns are readily available, it is surprising we don't have more violence"

District Attorney Paul Gallegos started his opening argument to the jury by saying, "Many of you watch legal shows. On TV, legal shows are for 30 minutes, this is not at all like TV. This trial will take several days, weeks. We will have gaps and delays."

"In a society where personal worth is equated with economic growth and guns are readily available, it is surprising we don't have more violence. I bring this up because this case is about these issues. Young people equate personal worth with economic worth so they engage in criminal activity to amass wealth."

"Mr. Lee is charged with the murder of Billy Reid."

Using a presentation on the screen with timelines, photos of exhibits and the crime scene, Mr. Gallegos outlined the prosecution's theory about what happened to Reid and why the People believe Lee murdered him.

Mr. Gallegos said that in 2009 Reid went home to New York to visit family and during that visit "struck up a relationship with Angela Ruizzi", someone he had known since high school. This relationship continued long distance via texts and facebook. Mr. Gallegos said that Reid was "engaged in the unlawful cultivation  of marijuana in California."

On Feb 3, 2010, the night prosecutors believe that Reid was murdered, there were conversations between Ruizzi and Reid on cell-phones and facebook. The last conversation Ruizzi had with Reid was at 9:34 p.m.

"Absent Eddie Lee and Limmie Curry, Angela Ruizzi was the last person to talk to Billy Reid."

Starting at 11:42 p.m. that night and until 11:59 p.m., there were phone calls between Eddie Lee, Reid and Moriah Foster, Lee's girlfriend.

Prosecutors believe that Reid was murdered sometime between 11:59 p.m. and 3 a.m by Eddie Lee and Limmie Curry. Foster and Lee's sister Jessica  were at the L.K. wood apartment and Mr. Gallegos said that Lee and Curry returned to that apartment after 3. a.m.

Mr. Gallegos said that Lee and Curry killed Reid, took over his marijuana grow and burnt his body and property in a burn pile behind the house. They emptied his bedroom.

Mr. Gallegos referred to people involved in his argument but the relationship between the people was clarified when Mr. Stallworth gave his opening statement.

Mr. Gallegos said that after murdering Reid, Lee and Fister moved onto Reid's property and into his bedroom. All four of them between Feb 3, 2010 and February 18, 2010, when Lee was arrested, went on a lavish shopping spree.

Mr. Gallegos showed receipts of flat screen TV's, large payments of cash, videos from Target that the People will introduce to back up these claims.

On February 15, Marilyn Reid, William's sister called the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office because she had not heard from her brother. The HCSO deputies went up to the Three Creek Road residence and when they arrived there, they were told by Foster and Lee that Reid went back east.  Mr. Gallegos added at this point that Lee and Foster were trimmers for Reid.

When the deputies went to look for Lee who was in the house, they saw firearms, Reid's dogs were nowhere to be found and that Lee "took off running" when he saw law enforcement. "The flight of Eddie Lee is evidence of his subconcious guilt and so are his lies to law enforcement," said Mr. Gallegos.

Mr. Gallegos posted statements made by Lee on Feb 16, 18 and 19 in which he changed his story about where Reid was and when Foster and he last saw Reid. Mr. Gallegos told the jury Lee's fingerprints were on the burnt property which was not completely destroyed. He showed evidence where Lee claimed to have no monthly income in January 2010 yet 12 days later once the murder occurred, he spent approximately $10,000 in shopping and "4Gs" he claimed to have deposited in Moriah's account even when he was in jail. Some of this information is from phone recordings in jail. Prosecutors showed evidence of Lee wiring amounts of cash to Curry via Western Union.

There was a map found on the coffee table in the L.K. wood apartment with three cars parked just the way law enforcement found when they went to Reid's house, Reid's residence marked on the map, a "smoking burn pile", receipts of ammo purchased in January 2009 "which showed "premeditation of murder," according to Mr. Gallegos.

When Lee was questioned in front of Foster with inconsistencies in his statement pointed out, Mr. Gallegos said Curry killed Reid. "The only connection between Limmie Curry and Billy Reid is Eddie Lee"

"Some people say greed is the root of all evil, whether it is or not; it is a powerful motivator. People submit greed as a motive for murder."

Mr. Gallegos concluded by saying that once the jury will hear all the evidence, the only verdict they will come back with is guilty.

Murder, robbery, mutilation and sexual penetration of human remains

Crime of murder, murder committed while commission of robbery, mutilation of grave remains and special allegation of sexual penetration of human remains are the alleged charges the District Attorney's office filed against Eddie Lee, whose jury trial started today.

Eddie Lee dressed in a crisp white shirt, navy blue sweater and slacks with glasses and shaved head instead of his wavy locks looked more like a college student than a man accused of murdering William Reid. Limmie Curry is the other defendant whose case will be tried separately.

Lee sat politely next to his attorney Darryl Stallworth. District Attorney Paul Gallegos is prosecuting the case in Judge John Feeney's courtroom.

Two family members of the victim were present. One sat in the courtroom, the other stayed outside, only talking with Mr. Gallegos during court breaks.

Sep 1, 2014

Will California environmentalists kill the bid for these living wage jobs?

If California was chosen to build this factory, these would be good, living wage, blue and white collar jobs. The title of this post is to see if California progressives and environmentalists will stand in the way for working class Californians who need jobs.

Ideology does not put food on the table or pay rent or health insurance.

Two high profile jury trials; one murder; another human trafficking scheduled for tomorrow

The Eddie Lee murder trial is being tried separately from his co-defendant Limmie Curry. District Attorney Paul Gallegos prosecuting and Lee being represented by Bay area lawyer Darryl Stallworth.

The David Anderson human trafficking case is also expected to start tomorrow. There are several posts with background on the blog. DDA Luke Brownfield will prosecute this case and Ben McLaughlin is Anderson's attorney.

Your honor, I swear I will obey all laws, just give me another chance

Triston Crossland joins the ranks of Misty Miller, Shiloh Chase, Dan Dobbs and other frequent fliers. He was booked into jail on August 29 for possession of a controlled substance and violation of probation.

It isn't his first skirmish with the law. The title of this post is the familiar mea culpa heard daily by Humboldt County judges. The frequent fliers swear they will behave this time, change lawyers if they need to, whatever it takes.

Wonder what Crossland's excuse will be this time?

Justin Crellin of Mateel booked?

 Justin Crellin is not a common name in this area. The only Justin Crellin I know is associated with the Mateel. A Justin Matthew Crellin was arrested and booked on
Saturday, Aug. 30, 6:50 p.m.


Aug 31, 2014

"We need more funding in rural areas"

There is now a crosswalk in McKinleyville on Little Pond Street and Murray Road in McKinleyville.

 "I have been working on this project since I took office and it is nice to see it completed," said Supervisor Sundberg. "The Safe to School program is great but we need more funding in rural areas."

Another problem area being worked on is between Murray Road and Halfway Avenue on the North Side of McKinleyville Avenue.

This post is a result of a grateful citizen who wanted to thank Supervisor Sundberg. Ryan told me the Little Pond crosswalk was a result of requests from community members.