Jul 12, 2014

Constant Contact and SBDC present free workshop for businesses and non-profits on email newsletters and social media

On Wednesday, July 30, the North Coast Small Business Development Center (SBDC), in partnership with Constant Contact, will present a free workshop for business owners and non-profit representatives interested in strengthening and growing their organization using electronic newsletters and other social media.

The workshop will be presented by Kate Bourland, founder of Kate Bourland Digital and a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and Certified Social Media Consultant. Bourland works with businesses and non profits of all sizes to implement successful marketing strategies.

“Email is more important than ever,” Bourland said. “This session will reveal some simple but effective practices and considerations for small businesses and nonprofits seeking to make their email newsletters and social media marketing more effective and help them connect with customers, supporters and donors.”

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 30 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, 921 Waterfront Drive, Eureka. Pre-registration is required.  For more information or to register, visit www.northcoastsbdc.org or call (707) 445-9720 for more information.  Participants are encouraged to bring business cards for networking. 

Debunked: Hank said that's incorrect John!

You know what the say about ass-u-ming. Well, I was skimming through LOCO on facebook. Saw a comment posted by Lost Coast Outpost welcoming Grant Scott GoForth.

So I posted on it. I sent an email complimenting Hank Sims on yet another NCJ staffer and said he made Ferndale cool.

 He emailed back with the Ferndale comment saying that's incorrect John!

Now I find out from NCJ and LOCO denials that Grant is still at NCJ.

Lesson learned! Dont use posts from facebook comments as a source. However, mention LOCO and your traffic stats go beserk!

Jul 10, 2014

Grant Scott-GoForth goes to LOCO from NCJ

Grant was at NCJ. Now he joins Ryan Burns at LOCO. Hank Sims started LOCO. Previously at, you guessed NCJ.

Should we start looking for Thad at LOCO or Will at NCJ?

Six River Panned Parenthood changing ownership?

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood is closing as of July 31, according to Director of Affairs Pia Bartelle. Planned Parenthood of Northern California will provide services for this area starting August.

Jul 9, 2014

Double murder suspect Vincent Sanchez got his wish, or did he?

Last week, Vincent Sanchez did not want to waive time for his preliminary hearing and did not want to wait six weeks for a disposition/reset to see a medical expert. This was against his attorney's wishes.

Judge Reinholtsen gave Ms. Dixon time to talk with her client. Today, a date has been set for a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 24 and an intervention on July 16.

My prediction is that this case may not go to trial.

When one of us can't be there, we fill each other in on cases

When one of us has not been there for the Tree case, we  fill each other in on what has happened. Thanks Paul, Lashay, Tabitha and Lorna.

It has been the same in other high profile cases this year. Whether it be Will, Ryan, Thad, Samantha or Steve.

Sometimes living in a small town is a good thing. Reading articles by people you know and respect has a different feel.

Marijuana, meth and more environmental damage in Burr Valley area

On 07-09-2014, at approximately 8:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and an Environmental Scientist from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (N.C. R.W.Q.C.B.) served a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant in the Burr Valley area. When the deputies arrived they located a man and a woman on the property. They were identified as Jean Marie Gaddy, 51 years old and Robert Blaine Gilcrease, 53 years old, both from the State of Washington. When deputies searched the property they located a total of 1598 growing marijuana plants. The plants ranged in size from 1’ tall to 5 tall. They deputies also located $3,661 dollars in cash, 23 pounds of processed marijuana, approximately three ounces of methamphetamine, scales and other items associate with the sales and distribution of drugs.

The deputies and the environmental scientist also found evidence of excavation of a wetland spring and discharge of fill to the wetland without permits. These environmental violations are criminal and civil code violations of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act.

 Robert Blaine Gilcrease was arrested for possession for sale and cultivation of marijuana, and for allowing drugs to be on the property. Jean Marie Gaddy was arrested for cultivation and possession for sale of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance for sale. Both were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked. Their bail was set at $50,000.00 each. Additional criminal charges for violations of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act may be sought. The investigation is continuing.

Two arrest warrants, on probation and she is charged with elder abuse

On 07-08-2014, at approximately 10:30 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a possible Elder Abuse. The adult daughter of the 78 year old male victim reported she hired a woman named Cassandra Baird to take care of her father who had health issues. The daughter lives in Trinity County and hired a caregiver that she located on Craigslist. The daughter met with Baird, interviewed her and hired her for the job.

 Shortly after hiring Baird, the daughter told her to drive her father to the bank and withdraw $300.00 from his account to buy him groceries. The daughter checked the account on line two days later and learned that $3,000.00 was withdrawn from the bank account, not $300.00.  When the daughter questioned Baird about the discrepancy, Baird told the daughter it was a mistake and she would put the money back. The daughter checked with the bank and learned the money was never replaced. The daughter followed up further and learned her father was being left alone by Baird, and had taken his vehicle.

 The deputy conducted a warrant check on Baird and learned she was wanted on two arrest warrants, and was on probation.

A deputy responded to the father’s residence in the 4000 block of D street, Eureka. When the deputy arrived, he met with the father who was alone. The victim was transported to the relative’s residence where he is being cared for.

 The investigating deputy spoke with neighbors and asked them to call law enforcement if Baird showed up.  At approximately 1:15 p.m., a neighbor notified the Sheriff’s Office had Baird returned with the victim’s vehicle. The deputy responded and contacted Baird who was in the driveway of the residence. When the deputy contacted Baird she initially told him a false name, but later admitted she was Cassandra Maria Baird. The deputy questioned Baird about the situation and missing money. Baird admitted to taking the money and told the deputy she was addicted to methamphetamines and heroin.  The deputy recovered approximately $1000.00 of the 78 year old victim’s money in Baird’s possession and returned it to the family. The deputy also located approximately .1 gram of methamphetamine and approximately 7 grams of heroin in Baird’s possession.

Cassandra Maria Baird, 25 years old, from Eureka, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, elder abuse, possession of an illicit drug, giving false identification to a police officer, probation violation and on the two arrest warrants. She was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility where her bail was set at $60,000.00.

Environmental damage, civil penalities in large marijuana bust

On 07-08-2014, at approximately 8:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and an Environmental Scientist from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (N.C. R.W.Q.C.B.) served two Humboldt County Superior Court search warrants in the Burr Valley area.  When the deputies arrived at the first location they located five greenhouses containing 800 growing marijuana plants, ranging in size from 1’ to 3’ tall. Deputies and the N.C. R.W.Q.C.B. Environmental Scientist located environmental damage on the property consisting of stream diversions, a pond, and a dam. The suspects in this case are facing criminal violations for cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and felony criminal and civil code violations of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act. The criminal violations of the water quality control act if convicted under section 13387 can include state prison of up to 24 months per violation, and civil penalties of $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 per day the violation occurs. Per the N.C. R.W.Q.C. B. Scientist the civil penalty for the violation in this case is estimated to be at least $200,000.00. No suspects were located at the marijuana grow site; however, the investigation is continuing.

While driving to the second search warrant location, deputies saw marijuana plants ranging from 2’ to 3’ tall being cultivated six feet off the roadway.  The deputies secured the marijuana grow site and obtained a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant. Deputies and the N.C. R.W.Q.C.B. Scientist searched the property. Deputies located 256 marijuana plants, two semi-auto handguns, both of which were loaded.

After a search of the property, it was determined significant environmental damage had occurred to the property due to unpermitted grading. The N.C. R.W.Q.C.B. Scientist and the deputies witnessed damage to streams in the area, the hillside and unpermitted roads.  These environmental violations are criminal and civil code violations of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act. The estimated civil code violations alone in this case are approximately 1.5 million dollars if convicted. Deputies were able to identify three suspects and will be seeking arrest warrants for cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and violations of 13387 of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act.  Cal-Fire and Cal Fish and Wildlife were notified of the Resource Code Violations and will be following up. They anticipate requesting additional charges

Deputies then served the third search warrant.  When they arrived at the third location, they located 874 growing marijuana plants ranging in size from 1’ to 3’ tall in two green houses and one outdoor garden. Deputies also saw unpermitted road building and removal of timber.  Cal-Fire and California Fish and Wildlife were notified of the Resource Code Violations and will be following up. There was no water quality issues located at this location. Suspects have been identified in this case; however no one was located at the scene. Arrest warrants will be sought for cultivation and possession for sale of marijuana, and possible resource code violations.

Two days of HCSO Press Releases

FBI Seeking “Aviator Sunglasses” Bank Robber Bandit

The FBI’s San Francisco Field Office and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect who allegedly robbed a bank in McKinleyville, Calif.

On June 27, 2013 at approximately 10 a.m., the bandit entered the Bank of America at 2000 Central Avenue in McKinleyville. During the robbery, the suspect brandished a handgun, approached the teller counter, made a verbal demand for money and jumped over the counter to place the stolen money in a white trash bag.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a black male in his 30s, approximately 5'9” and 170 pounds with a thin build and a mustache. The suspect was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood covering his head, dark “aviator”-style sunglasses, a white bandana covering his face, gray gloves, gray sweat pants and black athletic shoes with white trim. Witnesses reported seeing a white sports utility vehicle, possibly a Cadillac Escalade or Nissan Xterra, fleeing the scene after the robbery.

The suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about the identity or whereabouts of the suspect is urged to contact their nearest FBI office or dial 911. The FBI can be reached 24 hours a day at 415-553-7400 in the San Francisco area. Tips should be submitted to the FBI San Francisco, Fortuna Resident Agency at 707-725-6141. All calls are confidential. Tips can also be submitted at tips.fbi.gov.

This investigation is being conducted jointly by FBI San Francisco agents and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

Sheriff's Citizens On Patrol

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol S.C.O.P. was established in 1996. The S.C.O.P Program allows citizens to voluntarily serve with the Sheriffs Office. They have been known as the “Eyes and Ears” of the Sheriffs Office. They perform a variety of functions in the sheriff’s office, including, but not limited to traffic control, patrol in a S.C.O.P vehicle, boating and marine patrol, vacation house checks, filing, assisting at the Humboldt County Sheriffs Animal Shelter, special events and disaster assistance.

In calendar year 2013, the S.C.O.P. Program volunteers logged almost 36,923 miles patrolling various parts of Humboldt County. They provided 525 vacation house checks, 15,353 business checks, 2,161 parks and playground checks, 2,546 school checks and donated 9,076 hours.  They also assisted at 19 special events and donated 680 hours of boating patrol.

The Humboldt County Sheriffs Citizen On Patrol trains and educates citizens about general law enforcement, specifically the Sheriffs Office. Some of the deputies currently working at the sheriff’s office started their careers in the S.C.O.P program

S.C.O.P. Members are required to be at least 21 years of age, have a valid California Drivers License, pass a background check, and donate at least seventeen hours a month. Volunteers accepted will receive 32 hours of training in the S.C.O.P Academy.

Anyone interested in joining the S.C.O.P. program can contact S.C.O.P Captain Bernie Jorgensen at 268-2536.

Two days of EPD Press Releases

Motorcycle safety

The Eureka Police Department will be conducting a specialized Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation in July, August and September in an effort to lower deaths and injuries.  Extra officers will be on duty patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists and where motorcycle crashes occur.  Officers will be looking for violations made by drivers and riders alike that can lead to motorcycle crashes.  They will be cracking down on both those operating regular vehicles and motorcycles who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, making illegal turns, or any other dangerous violation.

Motorcycle fatalities saw a phenomenal drop of 37 percent from 2008 to 2010, but then rose 23 percent by 2012. Operations like this are aimed at curbing any more rises in motorcycle deaths and sending the numbers back downward.

 In 2013 Eureka saw 23 injury motorcycle collision, 2 were DUI related. There were no fatal motorcycle collisions in Eureka in 2013.

In 2014 so far Eureka has seen 8 motorcycle collisions with 6 people being injured and 1 fatality.

California collision data reveals that primary causes of motorcycle-involved crashes include speeding, unsafe turning and impairment due to alcohol and other drugs.  The Eureka Police Department is also reminding all motorists to always be alert and watch out for motorcycles, especially when turning and changing lanes.  Drivers should be aware that motorcycle lane splitting is not illegal if done in a safe and prudent manner.  Motorcycle riders should consult the Lane Splitting General Guidelines to learn more – www.ots.ca.gov/lanesplittinggeneralguidelines.pdf.

Suspect arrested for beating

On 07/02/14 at approximately 9:21 p.m. officers were dispatched to a report of an apparent battered person in a parking lot near the 3300 block of Broadway.  A male subject was located and transported to a local hospital for treatment for what appeared to be serious injuries consistent with a beating (i.e. not a stabbing or shooting).  The male is currently in stable condition.

An Officer developed information that led to the identification of Darin Vitolo, 46 of Eureka as a suspect. On 07/07/14 detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Vitolo and detectives from the Problem Oriented Policing Unit located and arrested Vitolo. A search warrant for Vitolo’s encampment was obtained and served the same day.

Vitolo was booked into the Humboldt County Jail on $500,000 bail.

"You guys pretty much took away the only thing I could protect myself with"

In the case that is full of unexpected twists and turns, a trial that seems never-ending, defense witnesses being called out of order, the last two days of testimony added nothing new to the defense's cases. Two days of testimony in the Tree case that only helped in increasing juror fatigue.

There were small scores, that benefited the prosecution, and these were from defense witnesses. There was one small fact that may possibly benefit the defense. It all depends on the eye of the juror.

The defense called Officer Justin Winkle who is currently employed with HSU but last year was an EPD officer. He was called by the defense in an effort to rehash the other suspect theory, specifically regarding Melvin Matthews. In previous testimony, why this lead was explored and not pursued was addressed. Officer Winkle had investigated an incident involving domestic violence that involved Steven Upton and Matthews. Testimony was brief and defense did not achieve anything.

Then they called Officer Ed Wilson in an attempt to discredit Steven Upton. All they ended up doing was reaffirming testimony by previous prosecution witnesses about how upset and agitated Upton was. When they tried to bring out in testimony that Upton had a firearm, the quote provided by Officer Wilson only bolstered the point that Upton was scared after his friend Rhett August was shot. He told Officer Wilson, "You guys pretty much took away the only thing I could protect myself with." This was a reference to a firearm  law enforcement had taken from him.

Then the defense called a witness who did not show up and when he finally did, told defense counsel in the hallway, "I am not trying to run away." This was the taco truck owner that Sean Butler-Smith attempted to rob. His testimony, and his own words confirmed Smith's version that he testified to in Court. On cross, Ms. Firpo was able to bring out that Smith was nervous, this was similar to what Smith said.

Why the defense could not wait to call these witnesses once the People had rested their case is a mystery. They are local, they are not Coroners or experts that need to book their schedule in advance.

The next witness was back to the prosecution case. Curt Branscome, a neighbor who lived across the street from August. He confirmed the testimony of other witnesses time of the gunshots, that they were four and close together , that a car drove away that he did not know and then the black car that he recognized from August's residence that exited rapidly. The only minor discrepancy was that he described the getaway car differently. This is less than ideal lighting.

Today, Ms. Firpo recalled Officer Victoria Marr from the APD and through her testimony raised questions about the defense assertion where the shooter was allegedly standing. Then she questioned Sgt. Bob Martinez from APD to challenge Shane Goodrich's testimony in court. Prosecution witness Dale Cloutier was recalled to talk about blood spatter and he cited more recent studies and challenged defense expert Jacob Swanepol's testimony.

The defense is being even more aggressive, interrupting witnesses despite Judge's instruction's that one person speak at one time, cutting answers off when they do not get the result they wish. And Mr. Russo is doing more of the questioning. Yesterday, it seemed we waited for a long time for the taco truck owner to show up. Today due to a miscommunication, we had to wait less time for Mr. Cloutier but the defense was impatient.

The courtroom fatigue of pointless questioning is even affecting Bodhi Tree. When your client glances at the clock repeatedly, maybe the defense should take a hint.

Bodhi Tree Trial jury trial on break until Tuesday

The Bodhi Tree trial is on break until Tuesday. There may be additional witnesses next week or closing arguments. We won't know until court resumes next week.

Jul 7, 2014

Sentenced April 22, 2014; Misty Miller booked yesterday for drunk in public

Misty Dawn Miller, just do a search on this name and the several blog posts. Got a break and was sentenced to probation on April 22, 2014. Yesterday she was arrested by EPD for being drunk in public.

This is a violation of her parole terms and conditions. The alcohol and drug program she was supposed to attend was critical to her success, according to Judge John Feeney.

Gallegos gets a bit of a dress down in defense's oral arguments before the court today in Ferrer case

Gallegos's decision to edit, leave out statements in Ferrer case was called incorrect by defense counsel, Benjamin Okin who represents Sophie Rocheleau  and he was told to listen to interviews by Ms. Jennifer Dixon, who represents Nicholas Stoiber.

Mr. Gallegos suggested that statements implicating other co-defendants could simply be excluded and redacted and this was challenged by all three defense counsel.

"I think Mr. Gallegos incorrectly purports..." said  Mr. Okin. He said that Mr. Gallegos thinks by changing pronouns from we to I cannot prevent the reason all three defense counsel are requesting cases to be severed.

"These statements cannot be carved out by scapel," said Mr. Okin. "It is not possible to  not use the statements in their entirety. Without the statements of the three defendants, there is no case. The only way to proceed is to sever all three cases"

Mr. Marek Reavis who represents Juan Ferrer said, "All the statements are intertwined, there is no way these statements can be parsed.. This case is one rope with many threads, many different colors."

Ms. Dixon brought up the point that there were audio recordings that could not have statements edited or redacted, as Mr. Gallegos suggests. She said there were approximately 300 to 400 pages of testimony. "I invite Mr. Gallegos to listen to the interviews."

When the hearing started, Mr. Reavis said he did not oppose the decision to sever. He mentioned he did not have discovery from the D.A' 's office he had requested. When Mr. Gallegos said he had not seen the motion for discovery, Mr. Reavis pointed out that at the last hearing, ADA Kelly Neel had been present and she had given some of the discovery requested to Mr. Reavis.

The discovery that all defense counsel still need is notes from the autopsy, notes from the pathologist, X-rays and medical reports.

Mr. Gallegos made an oral argument that instead of severing the cases, statements that implicated a co-defendant could be excluded or jury instructions could be given to jurors. "Three people engaged in the same conduct", he said and that it would be premature at this time to sever the cases.

He also offered to give to the Court a draft of proposed statements that would be used in the jury trial and Judge Reinholtsen said that he would let Mr. Gallegos submit the draft which he would review and in two weeks make a ruling on whether cases need to tried together or separately. Mr. Gallegos said that the audio recordings could be addressed with instructions to the jury.

Motion to sever Ferrer, Stoiber and Rocheleau cases temporarily on hold until July 21st

District Attorney Paul Gallegos opposed the motion to sever each case. There were several issues discussed in this afternoon's hearing and based on a suggestion by Mr. Gallegos, the Judge will issue a ruling on July 21st at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4.

Ferrer jury trial date of August 4 vacated based on request by defense

New date will be set on July 21st. Defense has not received discovery essential to the case and that they also need to provide to expert witnesses. In Juan Ferrer's case and Sophie Rocheleau's case, two expert witnesses schedules also impacted the decision.

All three defendants waived time to day so that the August 4 date can be vacated and jury trial date continued.

You will be remembered for your love and changing lives, not taking a life

On January 2014, in the dark of the night, a man with roots in Garberville, surprised a priest. He robbed, tortured and killed an innocent man. On May 18, 2013, in the still of the night, a suspect also with roots in Garberville, is accused of killing two innocent people.

Sometimes death looms, but these deaths were unexpected.  They shocked and horrified this local community. They made headlines. Only the people closest to the victims still feel the pain and for them, the memory of that moment when their lives changed forever is still as vivid as when it first happened.

I thought only those who knew Fr. Eric and knew me would understand my pain. Little did I know then, that months later, I would meet someone who understands how I feel without words being shared.

As the details of Fr. Eric’s death slowly started trickling in, as I sat in court for the preliminary hearing; for most people and the media it was information. For me, every detail, every photo, was like my heart being ripped out over and over. I remember clearly the first day I saw Christina’s mother, Tina.

I knew how I felt when I was in court. I just wanted to be alone before and after the court proceedings. I did not approach Mrs. Schwarz.  Then one day, we just looked at each other, we shared unspoken thoughts.
We do not talk about the case. We have in the last week or so talked about our grief, our joy, how we cope and other things that are private.

This case has affected me like no other. Fr. Eric was a Catholic Priest and many people stick to their stereotypes about Catholics and many people in this town on a daily basis denigrate anyone who believes in God. Even in a tragedy such as Fr. Eric’s death. What I remember most about Fr. Eric is that he wanted everyone to experience God’s love. The only love that is unconditional.

I focus on Fr. Eric’s life. His entire life, not just one moment.

As I sit every day covering the Bodhi Tree case, even though I did not know Christina and Sunshine, what is foremost in my mind is they are love. They brought joy and love to every one’s lives they touched.
Jesus said the two most important commandments are to love God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love thy neighbor.

Christina and Sunshine and many of the young people that lived in the Eye Street house followed those commandments more than many people who go to church daily. They helped each other and showed each other love. This was a house where some people struggled with addiction; others did not; some people resided there; some visited. It was a safe refuge.

These young people, many struggling with poverty, not caused by them, but by a narcissistic “me me” society where stepping over someone to be successful is okay, where a drug culture cares less about the person, only getting someone hooked.

I am not someone who could live in a commune. I used to have very strong feelings about addicts and addiction, even marijuana. Like some people who judge Catholics, I had my prejudices.

Not all Catholics are the same. Not everyone who smokes marijuana or struggles with addiction is the same. The young people who testified in this case have some values we could use more of in today’s society: protecting women from sexual predators, taking in someone homeless, caring for each other when you are in the midst of adversity.

We have a criminal justice system that will vigorously defend two suspects, feel sympathy for two people that had choices; they chose to indulge in drugs and alcohol and they chose not to seek help. What about those who are trying to change their lives? What about those innocent lives that just happened to be in the way of someone who lost control?

Regardless of the decision of the criminal system process, the victory will be Fr. Eric’s, Christina’s and Sunshine’s. You will be remembered for your love and changing lives, not taking a life.

Bottle bombs found near bleachers at McKinleyville High School; no one injured and bombs disposed safely by EOD deputy

On 07-05-2014, at approximately 9:15 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a citizen who located two possible homemade fireworks near the south bleachers of McKinleyille High School, McKinleyville.

When the deputy arrived at the high school, the citizen pointed out two plastic bottles wrapped in black tape. One bottle was two liters in size; the other was approximately 16 ounces in size. Both appeared to contain a white powdery substance inside.  The deputy recognized the devices as bottle bombs and called for a trained Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.) deputy to respond to the scene. The bottle bombs were rendered safe by the E.O.D. deputy.

These devices have caused a number of injuries, including series chemical burns, eye irritation or blindness, limb and facial injuries and hearing damage. They are a felony to possess or build, and if convicted punishable by imprisonment up to six years.

If you find such a device do not handle it, back away and call 911.

The investigation into who constructed and left the bottle bombs behind is ongoing.

Jul 6, 2014

Missing woman from Red Bluff located in Mckinleyville and is safe

 On 07-06-14, at approximately 3:35 p.m. Williamson was located by a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer who assisted in the search. She was located at the end of Letz Lane, McKinleyville. She was in good health and is being reunited with her family.

Sheriff asking for help to locate 83 year old woman with dementia

On 07-06-2014, at about 1:30 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a
call from the granddaughter of Lawanda Mildred Williamson, 83 year old from Red Bluff, who goes by the name of “Wendy”. The granddaughter reported Lawanda has severe dementia and wandered away from their campground at South Clam Beach. The family looked for her, but could not find her. Her direction of travel is unknown. Sheriff’s Deputies, Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue personnel, California Highway Patrol Officers, a United States Coast Guard Helicopter and State Park Rangers are all searching the area for her. A Silver Alert is being initiated.

 Lawanda “ Wendy”, Mildred Williamson is described as follows: Female, gray hair, hazel eyes, 5” 1” tall, approx. 110 lbs, last seen wearing a red parka type jacket, blue shorts and white tennis shoes.

Anyone who has seen her should call 911 immediately.