Jun 28, 2014

Stabbing victim Ruth Wortman no stranger to Law Enforcement

From Times-Standard -2012

Fortuna police arrested a Fortuna man and woman after a parole search on Friday.

Officers found John Hanley, 33, in a residence on the 4000 block of South Loop Road standing next to a loaded sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun during the parole search, according to a press release. Officers also located Ruth Wortman, 26, who officials said had a warrant out for her arrest.

Hanley was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a sawed-off shotgun, according to the release. Hanley and Wortman were booked in the Humboldt County jail.

From Napa Valley Crime Stoppers

Ruth Evelyn Wortman, DOB: 2-26-1986, is wanted for Felony failure to appear on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

From Napa Valley Register:
February 14, 2014 1:33 pm  •  

A Humboldt County resident was arrested Friday morning in Calistoga on suspicion of drug possession, according to the Calistoga Police Department.
An officer checking a vehicle at 4 a.m. in the 900 block of Petrified Forest Road saw a bag of suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia in plain view, police said. During a search of the vehicle, an officer found an unspecified amount of suspected methamphetamine, police said.
Ruth Wortman, 27, of Fortuna, an occupant in the vehicle, was arrested and booked into the Napa County jail on suspicion of drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession, according to the jail logs.

Original EPD News Release dated 6-20-14
On 06/20/14 at approximately 5:03 a.m., officers responded to a possible stabbing at an apartment building on the 2900 block of California Street.  Upon arrival, officers found a male and a female with stab wounds outside the apartment building. Both victims were transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital and are in stable condition. The male victim is Thomas Frank, 36 of Eureka and the female victim is Ruth Wortman, 28 of Fortuna.  Investigators are looking into whether this was gang motivated.

Upon investigation, the Eureka Police Department has learned that Thomas Frank and Ruth Wortman were trespassing in the California apartments.  The abandoned apartment they were squatting in was in the process of being renovated and had been secured with plywood and screws. The screws had been removed or pulled from the wall and access was made. The two slept on a mattress in the closet.

At about 0500 hours, a small statured man entered the apartment. The male leaned into the closet over Wortman and ambushed Frank, stabbing him repeatedly. There was no warning or provocation. Wortman kicked at the suspect and was stabbed above the knee. She crawled out of the closet to escape the fracas between Frank and his attacker. Frank fought back, and the battle moved into the main room. The two continued fighting. Frank did not have a weapon and the suspect had a small knife. Wortman grabbed a 6’ long piece of 1” X 4” lumber and hit the suspect in the head. This ended the close quarter battle. The suspect fled. The suspect is described as a white male, small in stature, 26 years old, with close cut blond hair and the letters “CWB” in large letters tattooed on his neck.

Frank suffered 15 knife wounds that required surgical procedures and several other superficial knife wounds. The wounds were to the head, back chest and shoulders.  Frank, who knows his assailant, has declined to prosecute or otherwise assist with the investigation. Likewise Wortman.

Frank and his attacker are known local gang members from different gangs. Despite this fact, it is not believed this attack was related to any frictions between the two gangs. EPD investigators believe this was a crime of passion based on a personal issue. EPD investigators are classifying this crime as an attempted murder but are suspending their investigation because of lack of cooperation from the victims.      

Jun 27, 2014

New trial date for Limmie Greg Curry who is accused of murdering William Reid allegedly for marijuana

Limmie Greg Curry trial date of July 28 has been vacated.  Kevin Robinson, who was recently appointed as Curry's attorney filed a motion to continue. Judge John Feeney said that Mr. Robinson "had shown good cause" and the new trial has been scheduled for September 22 at 8:30 a.m. Trial Confirmation is August 18, 2014.

Curry is accused of murdering William Reid on Feb. 3, 2010, at a rural property off State Route 299 near Willow Creek. His last trial resulted in a hung jury,

It was alleged in the previous trial that Curry and Reid's roomate Eddie Lee killed Reid in order to take over his possessions and his marijuana cultivation business. The two allegedely burned Reid's body before burying his charred skeletal remains at the site of an old marijuana grow on Reid's property.

On June 2, Judge John Feeney granted a motion by Curry's attorney Kevin Robinson to try his case separately from Eddie Lee stating that the two had "conflicting defenses."

Lee's trial is scheduled for July 28.

Colin Baldridge denied electronic monitoring; will be transported to East Bay for arraignment

Magistrate Judge Nandor J. Vadas denied electronic monitoring for Colin Baldridge today at a 10.a.m. Detention Hearing held in the Federal Courts in Eureka. He will be transported to East Bay and arraigned in San Francisco. Baldridge is being held at the local jail until he is transported.

Touche Firpo in Bodhi Tree cross vs redirect today

Since Rhett August's slap down of Casey Russo's cross, today was the first time, I wish I could have high-fived the witness and Elan.

Ms. Holmquist questioned evidence tech Leah Christian very aggressively on cross. Why were certain items collected? Why weren't certain items opened and searched?

At one point, she asked Ms. Christian, "Why didn't you collect the processed marijuana?"

Christian responded, "We weren't there to collect marijuana."

Ms. Christian also said she was directed by Detective Sgt. Dokweiler on what to photograph. He is the lead investigator in this case. He is also Christian's supervisor.

On re-direct, Ms. Firpo said, "you have just been asked multiple questions by Ms. Holmquist." She then asked Ms. Christian, "What is your title?" Ms. Christian responded, "Evidence tech."

"Are you a detective?" and "Are you authorised to open and search items" Christian responded she was not. Ms. Firpo also asked Ms. Christian if it was "realistic" to collect every item in the house. She also brought up the fact that Ms. Holmquist asked why a butcher knife in the kitchen was not collected. She asked Ms. Christian if anyone had been stabbed in this double homicide.

The last question is just one example of the completely irrelevant questions by the defense. By now, I can predict the questions and strategy of the defense. I realize they need to present a vigorous defense for their client but only one person has been identified by the witnesses, only one person had a motive. Endless questions that do not prove the defense theory only serve to annoy. I am not required to be present, the jurors are. This trial has been long. The aggressive questioning, particularly by Ms. Holmquist, if it would impeach testimony, would be effective. So far, that has not been the case.

 The only opinion that matters will be that of the 12 jurors who decide this case.

The jurors are made up of ordinary citizens, not lawyers, not law enforcement, and sitting out in the audience, are ordinary citizens who are a part of what makes up a jury pool.

HCSO arrests 3 Long Island residents who moved to Dinsmore to grow and sell marijuana

They were arrested 6/25. That is the nutshell of the HCSO press release. They admitted they moved here for this specific purpose.

HCSO press Release:

On 06-26-2014, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies assisted by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, served a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant on a residence and three properties approximately eight miles out Burr Valley Road, Dinsmore. When deputies arrived they located and detained three people. They were identified as Conor Quinn Rogers, 26 years old, Brooke Ariel Sanders, 23 years old and Amanda Leigh Lasorsa, 24 years old,  all three were from Long Island, New York.  The suspects told the deputies they moved into the area to grow and sell marijuana.

 When deputies searched the property they located 449 growing marijuana plants ranging in size from 3 feet tall to 6 feet tall. They also located three pounds of processed marijuana and $12,750 cash.

All three suspects were arrested for possession and possession for sale of marijuana. They were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Their bail was set at $25,000.00 each.

Red spot on Tree's ipod, latex glove among other gloves found on Tree when arrested

A latex glove, a vinyl glove and a pair of Windstopper brown gloves found on Bodhi Tree when he was arrested. This was part of detailed testimony by evidence tech Lea Christian today. In the last two days, Ms. Firpo showed over 100 plus photos to the jury of the interior of the Eye Street house showing the detailed documentation and collection of evidence.

Ms. Christian also testified about the chain of custody and how the evidence was secured.

From the Marilyn Street house where Tree was when he fled and was later arrested nearby, a box of bullets, a single bullet and cell-phone was recovered.

An I-pod charger with a small red spot was found on Tree when arrested.

One clear fingerprint on the front door and the front door of the Eye street house was swabbed for gunshot residue.

Also two neighbors of Rhett August, who testified out of order, since the hearing is in the Arcata phase allegedly heard the 4 gunshots and Rhett yell something like "Get the fuck out of here" and a car backing out of the driveway.

Humboldt's lovey-dovey trio held to answer on first degree residential burglary that happened at the Christie Motel

Yesterday, the trio of Lance, Borgner, Christina Higgins and William Hillegeist were held to answer on some of the charges and they will be arraigned for the jury trial on July 9 in Courtroom 1.
According to Hillegeist's attorney Ben McLaughlin, the victim's entire statement was stricken because he refused to answer some questions.
On the firearm enhancement allegations, Judge Feeney ruled that he did not find sufficient cause to hold Higgins and Borgner to answer on those charges. 
Hillegeist found time during the hearing to whisper "I love you" to his significant other in the audience who left before the preliminary hearing concluded. Borgner did find time to whisper the same to Higgins before they were cuffed and taken into custody.
The incident between the victim and the love trio involved allegations of stolen marijuana. 
Previous info on case:

Humboldt Court presents the Love Connection with a side of how to rack up cases while in custody

Remember Lance Borgner, half of Humboldt's Most Wanted duo? He is in custody with his partner in crime, Christina Higgins. Remember William Hillegeist who along with Sara Balke, is the duo who allegedly fired shots in Freshwater Park. Well after the splashy headlines, Blake is out of custody; Hillegeist is still in jail.

I have seen Borgner and Hillegeist so often on the calendar and for so many different cases, I have given up updating the status of arraignments and dates being set.

Hillegeist and Balke have a preliminary hearing next week. Borgner and Higgins just racked up another case with Hillegeist. They did not teleport themselves while in custody to commit this alleged crime. It's just one of those Humboldt criminals bonding moments.

While waiting to be arraigned on this case; Higgins and Borgner seemed to think they were on the Love Connection. Despite the baliff's warnings, Higgins and Borgner kept whispering "I love you" back and forth and occasionally deigned to listen to their attorneys. Borgner seemed more concerned about Higgins and spent more time asking his lawyer Kaleb Cockrum about Higgins' fate than his own case. Higgins is being represented by Glenn Brown and Hillegeist by Heidi Holmquist.

Since the taxpayers are footing the bill for their public defenders; Higgins and Borgner were not too concerned with minor details, like the charges against them.

Borgner is charged with first degree residential burglary and special allegations of two firearm enhancements; Higgins the same charges; Hillegeist same charges with the additional charge of attempted, willful, premeditated murder. The murder charge was listed as a misdemeanor and Judge Feeney pointed that out to Mr. Brownfield who  said the complaint would be corrected to charge it as a felony.

Cut n paste snafu or someone else assisting the DDA with preparing documents?

Borgner in this case has a bail of $175,000 and Hillegeist $650,000.

Jun 26, 2014

Colin Baldridge federal charges take him to Oakland and to be arraigned in San Francisco

Colin Baldridge, who was taken into federal custody on charges of manufacturing with an
 intent to distribute marijuana was in Humboldt County Superior Court today for one case where there was a petition to revoke probation from a 2012 case. The other was a misdemeanor drug offense from May 2014.

His attorney Manny Daskal who also represented him in 2012 said that there is a pre-trial hearing tomorrow on the federal charges and said that he expected Baldridge to be placed on electronic monitoring and asked Judge John Feeney to release the hold on Baldridge.

Based on a conversation with the federal prosecutor, Mr. Daskal said Baldridge will be taken to Oakland and arraigned in San Francisco. His probation was reinstated in the 2012 case and his misdemeanor case was dismissed by Judge Feeney "in the interest of justice."

880 marijuana plants, four greenhouses and a Butane Hash lab

On 06-25-2014, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies drove to Mountain View Road, Kneeland in regards to marijuana being grown in large greenhouses. Deputies had obtained a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant for the greenhouses and a structure on the property. When deputies arrived on scene they served the search warrant. They did not locate any one on the property or in the structure.

 When deputies searched the property they located 880 marijuana plants being grown in four green houses and an outdoor garden. The plants were all approximately 6 feet high.

Deputies searched a metal garage type structure which had been converted into a residence. Deputies located a Butane Hash lab in the metal structure, along with approximately one pound of Butane Hash Honey oil.

Deputies saw water was being diverted from a nearby creek and a large area had been graded and clear cut. They also saw that numerous trees up to two feet tall had been cut down. A  California Fish and Wildlife Warden and Biologist responded to the scene. They determined the diverted water flowed into the Mad River drainage. California Department of Fish And Wildlife is investigating possible California Resource Code violations they located on the property and will possibly seek additional criminal charges.

Deputies have identified several possible suspects in the case, and the investigation is continuing. 

"Pretty quiet, he never said much. Didn't communicate much with anybody."

Yesterday and today, Dale Coultier, a senior criminalist with the CA DOJ, who works at the Eureka lab and is primarily a firearms examiner testified in detail about the process of examining bullets from the Eureka and Arcata crime scenes.

There has been no firearm recovered and he testified that there were similarities in the bullet markings and that it is possible that the same firearm was used but he could not say that definitively because he did not have a firearm to compare and examine.

For two days, Mr. Russo questioned him on cross to no avail.

Testimony in the Bodhi Tree case continued with the resident manager of the 1833 I Street clean and sober house today. Milton Bulau testified that Tree who lived at clean and sober house from April 8, 2013 to May 17, 2013 was "pretty quiet. He never said much. Didn't communicate much with anybody." Tree was a "no show" on May 17, the night before the early a.m. double homicide in Arcata and the manager last saw him on May 14, 2013, a day before the attempting shooting of Rhett August in Eureka.

Tree may have had an pass or an overnight pass but Bulau could not recall. He said Tree's stuff consisting "of, "real nice clothing, shoes and material things" was donated to the Rescue Mission.

Bulau said at that time he was in training, learning what records to keep and does not remember any disciplinary actions or Tree testing positive for alcohol and drugs.

APD evidence technician Leah Christian started her testimony today and Ms. Firpo went through detailed questioning of the photographs she took of the Arcata crime scene and Christina and Sunshine's bodies. She will continue her testimony tomorrow.

Jun 25, 2014

Dinsmore marijuana bust; investigation into possible environmental crimes

On 06-24-2014, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies assisted by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, served a Humboldt County Superior Court Search Warrant on a residence in the 42000 block of Highway 36, Dinsmore. When deputies arrived they located and detained four people. They were identified as Andre Kenneth Dodman-Hanwright, 35 years old, a transient and Angel Antonia Glodo, 29 years old, Ivan Stefano Debiase Jr, 27 years old , and Ivan Stefano Debiase Sr., 49 years old, all from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The suspects told the deputies they moved into the area a few years ago to grow and sell marijuana.

When deputies searched the property and residence they located a Hash lab,  total of 2123 growing marijuana plants ranging in size from 2” to 4’ tall, approximately 15 pounds of processed marijuana, approximately $2,200.00 cash and approximately 3 pounds of concentrated cannabis.  Deputies also saw environmental damage consisting of trees being cut, wetland and habitat destruction for a holding pond and water diversion from a tributary of the Van Duzen River to water tanks for the marijuana grow. There were also signs of unpermitted clearings on the property by heavy equipment.

 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Cal-Fire was notified of the possible environmental crimes.  A California Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden responded to the scene. The warden advised additional charges for violations of 1600 of the Fish and Game Code will be sought for illegal water diversion. The warden also saw signs of potential illegal taking of wildlife which are being investigated.

Cal-Fire told the Investigating Deputy they will be investigating for possible other environmental crimes, but did not have any investigators immediately available to respond.

 All four suspects were arrested for possession and possession for sale of marijuana, possession of concentrated cannabis and manufacturing of drugs. They were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Their bail is set at $500,000.00 each.

"They were looking for Mr. Tree, that he had killed some people"

Shane Goodrich's attitude continued this morning with his testimony to both Ms. Firpo and Ms. Holmquist saying he does not recall anything, including what he told police even after he was shown reports.

Goodrich said Sean Butler Smith was just a relative by marriage, he let sleep at his house because he felt sorry for him. He said he was better friends with Ian Henry and Bodhi Tree.

But he did remember being handcuffed and put on ground by law enforcement.  He did mention that Sean Butler-Smith was handcuffed and there on May 18. He didn't see a gun.

He said law enforcement told him they were looking for Bodhi Tree and that he had killed some people.

He said he was drunk from the night before and had taken pain medication for his eye on May 18.

"I don't want anything to do with this stuff, " he said about testifying. "I was arrested, I am in jail. I am sorry for your situation but I want to be home." He would not answer why he did not want to be involved.

Goodrich is the only witness so far that is subject to recall, request made by the defense.

There are more important priorities than press releases, blogs and politics and getting scoops; Rest in Peace Mark

There are not many men that I can say I respect, admire and wish to be like. Mark Sanchez was one of the few men I am proud to call a friend and feel honored to have known.

A great husband, a wonderful father, a successful businessman, a Veteran who gave his life to and for his country and a community member who did so much quietly. I will miss our chats in his store and his smile, among many other happy memories. Mark is the kind of man who was always there for those he cared about and the difference he has made in people's lives will remain forever in our hearts.

Rest in Peace, Mark.

Listed below is a piece by Allan Dollison which speaks about Mark. I had it two days ago but being on the computer was not where my mind or heart was; Mark and his family were. This ran as a My Word in today's T-S:

Through both my personal and military business travels, I have been extremely fortunate to go to Washington DC several times. Most recently earlier this spring. I always seek out the memorials honoring our wars, and did so on my very first trip with my mother in 1985, before I had joined the military.
That year, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall had been constructed the year before. On that trip, I was asked by a childhood high school friend, “Heh find my dad’s name. He is on there somewhere on that wall.” My friend was raised by his grandmother, and I always asked myself why he had not been raised by his parents. With that prophetic request, I now knew why. He had never talked about it.
Like I said from the beginning, I have had the great fortune to go to Washington several times. In 2011, I finally got to see the WWII memorial which had heretofore not existed. There are many people in Humboldt County who have never gone, nor will they be able to go and see that very powerful Vietnam Memorial Wall. Many of those are Vietnam veterans who did survive, and lost their buddies, and would be no doubt brought to tears by seeing those names. (I have visited the grave of a fellow soldier from Afghanistan at Arlington, and I know how this effects you.)
Many communities are full of folks who cannot make it to Washington DC, sometimes for physical reasons, others purely economic. Therefore, countless replica walls have been built and they travel to communities all around America. Humboldt has been visited by one such wall, but it was over 30 years ago. I personally have officiated at countless Vietnam veteran funerals/remembrances in the past year and a half such that it is obvious, we are losing that generation of great heroes at a far earlier point in their lives than the WWII and Korean generation. The power of seeing those names and finally getting respect is truly a cathartic healing process for all those involved. I am 48 years old, so I am too young to know the horrific way our returning Vietnam veterans were treated. I have only read about it in History books, but one thing is clear, that America can and will never do that again to its servicemen and women. They were merely following orders and doing what they were told, and fighting for their country, like my friend’s dad. The Vietnam Memorial Wall is the best healing process to reverse that shameful treatment.
I recently got to participate in the unveiling for the first ever time here in Humboldt, of the Global War on Terror Remembrance Wall, by giving the opening remarks. This wall is inspired by the Vietnam Memorial Wall, and lists all casualties of the GWOT. While there, I stood next to former AMVETS POST 96 Commander  Mark Sanchez, and heard him say that he was committed to bringing the “Wall that Heals” back to Humboldt. Mark tragically had only 12 more days to live when he uttered those words to me and his fellow veteran friends. Mark was proud of the GWOT wall coming here for the first time, but he also knew that we needed to bring the Wall That Heals back. Now that Mark has passed, it will be up to his friends, fellow veterans and veteran’s supporters to make his dream a reality. Mark first made the request of the Honor Guard to participate in the GWOT Wall, when I bumped into him at the Republican of the Year Dinner in March. For more information on the Wall that Heals, please check out the following website: http://www.vvmf.org/. We need to raise approximately $12,000 to bring the Wall That Heals back to Humboldt. To make your donation:

Go to www.giveforward.com In the upper right go to  ‘Find a fundraiser’; Type in ‘Vietnam War Remembrance Wall’; Click on the site set up by Dean Glaser, AMVETS Post 96 Commander OR  go to a direct link at http://gfwd.at/1iv4bLo Information: Dean Glaser: 707 725-3880. Thank you.                         By LTC Allan L. Dollison, USAR

Jun 24, 2014

Unknown suspects setting fires downtown

On 6/24/14 at approximately 12:13 a.m., an officer with the Eureka Police Department located two adjacent trash cans on fire near the 600 block of 6th Street.  Humboldt Bay Fire Department (HBFD) was requested and the fires were soon extinguished. No damage was done to the exterior of the nearby buildings.  The area was checked but no witnesses or suspects were located. 

On 06/22/14 at approximately 4:02 a.m. an officer with EPD found a fully engulfed dumpster on fire near the 700 block of 3rd Street.  At approximately 4:43 a.m. a small dumpster fire was reported by a citizen near the 100 block of 5th Street.  Both locations were searched but no suspects were located.  

Today's testimony in Bodhi Tree could be summed up in one sentence

"I don't recall." Ian Henry who finished testifying today and a HSU police officer Bill K who briefly testified about an adult black male with a grey hoodie walking near the Eye Street house seemed to be kindred spirits.

"I don't want to be here," said Henry. He added, "I'm still upset about people being killed."

Coroner testified about securing bodies. Shane Goodrich, who owns the Marilyn Street house started testimony few minutes before court recessed for the day  was even more reluctant than Henry. The "I don't recall " pattern continued.

Jun 23, 2014

Humboldt's first restitution for non-economic losses in molestation case

Jane Doe was awarded $32,947.00 for past and future medical, dental and counseling expenses as well as $186, 400.00 for general non-economic damages and $76, 528.55 for attorney fees.

"It was less than what we requested, but we think the judge made a well reasoned decision," said Mr. Griego.  "Money damages will never fully make up for the harms caused by the defendant's actions, but it is one way that  we make sure that those who cause harm take some responsibility for their actions.  Hopefully this will help the  victim begin the process of healing and moving forward with her life."  

Previous coverage of this case:

Mr. Patrik Griego, who does both civil litigation and criminal defense, has done it again. Mr. Griego said that in California, a victim of a crime such as rape or murder has to file civil litigation to get restitution for non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering. In California, the exception is that if the crime is child molestation, then you can request restitution for non-economic damages in a criminal case which includes emotional distress.

Patrick Griego represents Jane Doe who was molested by her uncle. On behalf of Doe, Mr. Griego is seeking restitution for past and future emotional distress in a criminal case. According to Mr. Griego, this is the first time he is aware that such a request is being made in Humboldt.

The charges against Brian Clark were for a felony: sex offense. Count 1 and 2 Lewd or Lascivious Act with victim under 14 years, Count 3 Indecent Exposure and Count 4 Annoy/Molest a Child under 18 years.

According to Mr. Griego's testimony, the molestation occurred from ages 4 to 14.

The case was heard in Courtroom 1 by Judge John Feeney. Luke Brownfield prosecuted the case. Defendant's attorney is Russ Clanton and Mr. Griego represents the victim.

Today there was a sentencing and restitution hearing and instead of Mr. Brownfield, Jason Sheets was representing the People. The Defense filed a motion today to oppose restitution.

Judge Feeney announced his tentative decision for a 3 year supervised probation and 180 days in jail for Clark.

Then he heard from the attorneys. Mr. Clanton said he did not object to probation; he did object to the incarceration. Mr. Clanton said that Clark made "an error in judgement. He has received significant punishment. He will be a registered sex offender."

Mr. Clanton went on to comment on how this case affected Clark's economic status and that Clark had voluntarily entered the NARUM sex offender program. And that he had offered the victim restitution and needed to be out of custody to earn money. He also asked if Judge Feeney would remove the no alcohol condition that probation recommended.

Mr. Sheets asked the Court to follow the recommendations of probation.

Judge Feeney sentenced Clark to the the 3 year formal supervised probation and a 180 days in jail. Clark received credit for 22 days. Judge Feeney did not remove any conditions of probation. He said that Clark could not "associate with a female under 18 years unless accompanied by an adult. and that he have no contact with Jane Doe and cannot harass her.

Mr. Griego then spoke about how he arrived at the amounts they were seeking for restitution. $600,000 for the 10 years of molestation and another $36,000 for expenses. He cited a case and summarized reasons for the request submitted in writing.

Mr. Clanton countered with a theory that Jane Doe had pre-exisiting problems and that it could not be proven that Jane Doe's problems were directly because of Clark's behavior.

Judge Feeney did not make a final decision on the restitution today. He will issue a written ruling.

Mr. Griego was successful in getting the DA's office to dismiss a case against Adam Laird , who worked for the EPD when the alleged assault occurred. He works for Janssen Malloy LLP, the firm that is well known for successful civil litigation including  the firm’s jury verdict case in 2010, Lavender vs. Skilled Healthcare LLC.

Mr. Griego has been honored by multiple state and national legal organizations, including awards for both California and National Trial Lawyer of the Year. These include : 2011 Public Justice National Trial Lawyer of the Year Award,  2011 Consumer Attorneys of California Attorney of the Year Award, 2010 Northern California Super Lawyer,  2009 California Lawyer of the Year, 2009 Street Fighter of the Year and  a Superb 10/10 RATING from AVVO.

Autopsy on Christina and Sunshine shows no drugs, no sexual assault and two atypical bulllet wounds

Forensic pathologist Dr. Super testified no alcohol or drugs in Christina's blood, no drugs in Sunshine's blood, very low alcohol and two atypical wounds on Sunshine's body, as if the bullets had gone through something else first.

Fingernail clippings, hair, victim's blood was all collected and tested.

Dr. Super also said that based on autopsy alone, he could not comment on where the victims may have been in the room, the positions of their bodies when shot or where the shooter was in the room. He also pointed out inaccuracies in some of the defense exhibits which were different shot diagrams.

Ian Henry, who was at Shane Goodrich's house, the morning law enforcement went looking for Bodhi Tree took the stand before noon, his testimony will continue tomorrow morning. Henry knew Bodhi Tree since "school" in Bridgeville. He was very reluctant and would respond to questions by Ms. Firpo by saying, "I don't recall"; right before noon he started to open up a bit. This was also after his recollection was refreshed by showing him reports of his testimony.

He was cagey, avoiding looking at Tree, who stared at him. He said he drank a lot beer and schnapps on May 17, the night of the shooting and fell asleep. He said he went on a "binge" and when he woke up the next day, he left beer he bought and went into town.

Ms. Firpo asked him why he asked Sgt. Martinez to cuff him before getting in his police car to be interviewed. Henry would not say why. Ms. Firpo reminded him of his statement where he told Sgt. Martinez that he had "concerns about his safety" and she asked him if his fear arose from his experiences in jail where he had seen what happened to "snitches." She also reminded him of a statement that he made to Sgt. Martinez where he said that if he had been at the Eye Street house, he would have taken the gun away from "Bodhi".

Jun 22, 2014

Wishing DDA Christa McKimmy the best; she is leaving the DA's office

DDA Christa McKimmy, who was most recently in the news for the preliminary hearing which resulted in Harbor Commissioner Aaron Newman's poaching allegations proceeding to a jury trial, is leaving the Humboldt County DA's office for greener pastures?

She gave notice so this was her choice. Looks like recruiting attorneys is going to be one of the new DA's top priorities.

Wishing Ms. McKimmy the best in her future career endeavors.

San Francisco woman's 2 year dream for mobile showers for the homeless finally a reality

"With hygiene comes dignity, with dignity comes opportunity." Google Lava-Mae for details. The idea to retrofit old buses and go to the homeless is expensive so besides the one bus which is now a reality, the future holds challenge and hope.

So many people talk, expect others to help. She set up a site, raised the money with donations. Something as basic as a shower is taken for granted. So is wearing clean clothes and being warm.

We need more people like her. With all the negative, divisive news, this article is a welcome change.