Jun 21, 2014

Colin Baldridge booked into HumCo jail same as Tree witness?

A Colin Baldridge booked into the Humboldt County jail yesterday has a federal charge of manufacturing marijuana with an intent to distribute.

Whether this is the same Colin Baldridge who recently testified in the Bodhi Tree case or another person cannot be verified until Monday because no access to spokespeople in custody or the court records until that day.

"Dance needs to become more socially understood and cherished"; North Coast Dance artistic director shares his own journey about being bullied in school

A statewide initiative to incorporate visual arts in the common core curriculum has resulted in a partnership between the Humboldt County Office of Education and North Coast Dance.

Northcoast artistic director Ikolo Griffin said that each region got to decide what art medium to focus on and Humboldt County chose dance. This partnership shows teachers how to incorporate dance into their daily curriculum.

A special show for local students was held during the performances for "Ballet Heritage" as a part of this effort.  NCD Executive Director Kris Beck said that an outreach was made to local schools. Dows  Prairie, Redwood Prep and Winship are the three schools participating in this program.

At Redwood Prep, a gym teacher was show how to include dance so his daily class was not just about athletics. In a science class, Griffin showed how dance can be used to teach about orbits.

"Humboldt has great music and drama programs," said Griffin. "This will help bring arts back into schools. Art is mandatory to graduate."

Beck said that the idea came about when Stacy Young, a liaison form the Humboldt County Office of Education watched rehearsals for Nutcracker and "she liked how Ikolo interacted with the kids."

"School is not all about academics," said Griffin. "Dance needs to become more socially understood and cherished."

Griffin shared his own journey of how he started being interested in dance. "I came from an outreach program. The San Francisco Ballet came to my school."

"In junior high, I had a very hard time, kids teasing me about something kids don't understand.," said Griffin. A boy doing ballet was difficult enough but he is also African-American and he said many stereotypes about boys in ballet were challenging as a young man.

Griffin credits his mother for her love and support in keeping him focused and enrolled in the program. Each year she would tell him, "You like doing the Nutcracker," and when he said yes, she kept encouraging him to continue for one more year.

Jun 20, 2014

Budget, Fee schedule and Measure Q to be discussed at special Eureka City Council meeting

June 24 at Eureka City Hall at 5 p.m.

"Tuesday we adopt an austere city budget-flat revenues and increasing costs meant all departments had to cut back. Hopefully, this year's projected revenues will come in better than anticipated and we can restore cuts." said Councilmember Marian Brady. "User fees support some departments and I'd like to hold the line on increases and study them further. Valid arguments in favor of Measure Q extending a half-cent supplemental sales tax that helps fund public safety will also be finalized."

Gunshot wounds on Tree victims were definitely not contact wounds, DOJ criminalist testifies

Deborah Stonebarger who continued her testimony today said both to Ms. Firpo and Ms. Holmquist that the gunshot wounds on Christina and Sunshine were not contact wounds.

The one blood stain on Bodhi Tree's sweatpants was not the victim's blood said Ms. Stonebarger but given the circumstances, she did not expect any back spatter or cast off blood from the victims on Tree.

"Another explaination could be that he didn't do it," said Ms. Holmquist, who is defending Tree along with Mr. Russo.

There has been no testimony yet about the victim's clothing.

Rebecca Gaxiola, another criminalist with the California Department of Justice who was qualified as a DNA expert for this hearing said that the DNA on the blood stain from Tree's sweatpants matched another blood sample taken from him and also matched the DNA from the "major male contributor" on a Mickey's beer bottle taken from the crime scene.

APD Officers Matthew O'Donovan and Chris Wilson testified about video surveilance from the 76 gas station and the clerk identifying the suspect they were looking for.

Assault on 2900 block of California Street this morning may be gang motivated

On 06/20/14 at approximately 5:03 a.m., officers responded to a possible stabbing at an apartment building on the 2900 block of California Street.  Upon arrival, officers found a male and a female with stab wounds outside the apartment building. Both victims were transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital and are in stable condition. 

The male victim is Thomas Frank, 36 of Eureka and the female victim is Ruth Wortman, 28 of Fortuna.  Investigators are looking into whether this was gang motivated.  

Jun 19, 2014

Dan Johnson meet Stephen Strachan, Roosevelt High principal

Dan Johnson has a twin in Long Island, N.Y. Not identical or fraternal but a plagiarizing twin.

Johnson plagiarized a graduation speech, Strachan a yearbook message to graduating seniors. Unlike Johnson, Strachan did apologize and admit his mistake.

Strachan is correcting his mistake by reprinting the yearbook page at taxpayer's expense, according to media reports.

Randall Miles Cook expected to be released 1st week of August; victim restitution addressed

Randall Miles Cook, who is still in custody, is expected to be released the first week of August. Today in Courtroom 2, the issue of victim restitution was addressed. Currently, a state program is paying for therapy for the victim, Cook's own 7 year old granddaughter. That program has funding limits.

As a part of his probation, Cook was ordered certain payments. There maybe additional victim restitution. Today in court ADA Kelly Neel who prosecuted the case said, "there are no additional requests at this time."

Cook is expected to be released sometime during the first week of August, according to his attorney Michael Robinson. Judge Marilyn Miles set a review date of October 16 at 2 p.m. to give Cook enough time to set up payment arrangements ordered by the Court.

Criminalist with CA DOJ testifies about a human blood stain on front of Bodhi Tree's sweatpants

Deborah Stonebarger testified about her years of experience as a forensic scientist which includes working in Berkley and Redding. She has expertise in blood patterns, crime scene interpretation, specifically in biology.

She has not finished her testimony and will resume tomorrow morning. Ms.Stonebarger did not find "anything of intetest" on Tree's sweatshirt but she saw a visible stain on the front of the sweatpants he was wearing. It was on the right side near the knee and testing determined it to be human blood.

Sexually aggressive behavior by Tree in a house that tried to show him love

That was new information shared by two housemates, Hoyt Cribbs and Chelsea Thompson during this morning's testimony.

Tree was sexually aggressive with Christina, Emma and females in the house. According to testimony, Tree was not one to take no for an answer.  According to Chelsea, he said to Emma, "Can I grab your ass?" and how "fine" Christina's body was and asked her why she would not come into him.

They also described that Christina was disgusted after Tree repeatedly hit on her on May 17, hours before she was shot.

Chelsea said that Zion brought him to the house and asked everyone to "show him love". That they tried to show Bodhi Tree that despite a bad past, there are people in the world who care.

Both Chelsea and Hoyt described Christina as someone very positive and "bubbly" full of dreams and Sunshine as someone who could lift any one's spirits.

Chelsea was crying as she described discovering Christina's body and Sunshine gasping for breath.

The night of the shooting, Tree woke Hoyt and Chelsea up asking for $5 for a pack of ciggarettes. This was sometime between 11 p.m. and when the shooting occurred around 2 a.m. He was pissed that "none of the broke ass people in the house" had five dollars to give him.

Chelsea and Hoyt reiterated the incident of Emma and the sweatshirt on the counter, it being heavy, Tree in two separate incidents being pissed people touched stuff that he left in their room and house, where he was a guest.

Both Hoyt and Chelsea described the Eye Street house and residents as a place where fun-loving people helped each other and were friendly. They said people tried to connect with Tree.

Trim Scene Solutions burglarized; $ 3000 worth of merchandise stolen

On 05-11-2014, a burglary of Trim Scene Solutions, 1911 Barnett Road, Redway was reported to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect(s) in the case entered the business and stole approximately three thousand dollars’ worth of merchandise. 
After following up several leads in the investigation, some provided by the General Manager  of Trim Scene Solutions, deputies were able to identify one of the suspects in the case.  On 06-18-2014, at approximately 12:00 noon, Everett Thomas Gross, 18 years old from Fortuna came to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to speak with deputies about the burglary after learning they were looking for him. After being interviewed by the investigating deputies, Gross was arrested for the burglary.  He was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. His bail was set at $50,000.00.

Deputies are still following up leads on identifying at least one other suspect involved in the burglary.


Inside Edition to cover burl poaching sentencing at the Courthouse this afternoon

If it is crime or pot, those national TV shows just love to cover Humboldt.

Jun 18, 2014

It was a Kodak moment, sorta; Maggie Fleming, Elan Firpo and Kathleen Bryson all in 1 courtroom for 1 case

In the Virginia Doolittle case this afternoon, Kathleen Bryson represented the defendant. Ms. Fleming was there on behalf of County Counsel opposing a defense motion for subpoena of probation records and Ms. Firpo is prosecuting the case for the People.

Was refreshing to see three strong and intelligent women attorneys up at the counsel table.

Reluctant witness does not identify Tree from stand, changes what he said mid-testimony

Damian Bradley, who said he was a good friend of Colin Baldridge said that he went to buy a jeep from Katie on May 17. Both with Ms. Firpo and Ms. Holmquist he had an attitude, would not answer questions, was belligerent. He was very reluctant.

He said Sunsine was a good friend and he wanted to see the person who killed Sunshine be brought to justice.

Initially he said he introduced himself to Bodhi Tree and met him in the unattached garage for the first time. He could identify Tree in a photo lineup but he could not in the courtroom. He was only at the house for half an hour. Bodhi Tree has shaved his head for the hearing instead of wavy, long hair he had last year.

After he could not make an identification in court today, the person he saw bragging about a black gun with a wooden handle was referred to as an African-American male.

Resident of Shirley Blvd describes running into Bodhi Tree who said "Peace"

Christopher Hollis, a resident of Shirley Boulevard said after following LOCO and Arcata Eye stories online, he was aware that there was an Eye suspect. He was walking his daughter and a friend home when they ran into Bodhi Tree. Hollis recognized him as the potential suspect from a description. He was wearing grey "sweatgear."

As Tree walked past them, he said "Peace" in a low voice. While Mr. Hollis did not think he was in danger of being shot in broad daylight, he wanted to get the girls to safety and said his fatherly instinct took over.

Tree was walking slowly and as if he was fatigued. Hollis got his daughter and her friend to safety. They locked their door and called the police. Later they saw the police arrest and bring Tree out of the bushes.

Male with dark clothing carrying a bundle in his arms and walking like a tweaker seen night of shooting in Bodhi Tree case

Nicholas Hoyt,  a neighbor who lived across the street from the Eye Street last year testified this morning. He said he got home at 1:30 and went out to smoke a cigarette around 1:30 p.m. and a few minutes later he saw a male with dark clothing, a hoodie, carrying a small bundle in his arms, and he walked slowly as if tired and walked north to 2nd driveway and then to back of house.

Then Hoyt came out and talked to police when he heard sirens an hour later. On cross Ms. Holmquist asked him if he remembered making a statement in the preliminary hearing about this person walking like a tweaker.

Michael Edwards was the second witness to testify this morning. He is another neighbor who saw a person in sweatshirt, possibly with a baseball cap yelling angrily and epithets, having a temper tantrum. One phrase he remembered was, "I hate it when people steal my shit." He said the same thing that Hoyt did which was a cloth object, maybe a bag or blanket on the ground. The person was "backlit by a street light" so he could not see if it was male or female but above average height and slender build which fits Tree's physical description. This was between 1:35 a.m. and 1:45 a.m. He did not call the police because there was no fight and no other person involved. He said he did not find out what happened until the next day when police had knocked on his door. It was graduation, frequently cars or fireworks so he would have dismissed any loud sounds.

This witness was very precise, great memory, details very specific. He was a very strong witness. Lived in the neighborhhod, very knowledgable about the house.

Motion filed in Ferrer case to sever cases

Nicholas Stoiber's attorney, Jennifer Dixon and Sophie Rocheleau's attorney, Benjamin Okin have filed motions to sever cases from Juan Ferrer.

A request was made by the People to reschedule the hearing for two weeks since Paul Gallegos is out of town. DDA Zach Curtis made the request.

Judge Reinholtsen granted the request. The hearung on the motion will be held on July 7 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4.

Jun 17, 2014

Colin Baldridge testifies about Bodhi Tree showing him a snub nosed revolver

Colin Baldridge also remembers Tree saying something to the effect that no one should mess with him. He said Tree had the revolver in his grey sweatshirt. That Tree was highstrung, not stable and very verbally and sexually aggressive with "females" in the house.

Today is the first time someone has testified that they had seen Tree say coarse and sexual innuendoes to Christina. "Cmon baby you want some" and "You want some of that."

Baldridge said that Christina was assertively dismissive of those advances. Marino and Baldridge both testified Sunshine and Christina were seeing each other. Tree was not getting a positive response from any of the women in the house, Baldridge testified. He said he told Tree to leave Christina alone.

Baldridge lived at the Eye Street house from February 2012 to February 2013 and after he moved, he subleased rooms to other people. "When I resided there, there were rules about people staying at the house, " he said. "After I moved those rules became lax." Baldridge said there were more "travelling people." He said he would stop by the house twice a week.

Baldridge said he had known Bodhi Tree  "on and off" since his teenage years. They both lived in Southern Humboldt until they moved to Arcata.

On the afternoon of May 17, Baldridge said he saw Tree at the Eye Street house. Tree had a black eye. "Looked like he had been hit." Baldridge said Tree told him that he "got in a fight with friends."

He said Tree was "wound up", seemed like Tree needed some sleep, seemed "lost" and had a high level of distress. Baldridge said that Tree brought a couple of 40 ounces of beer and that day while listening to music in Baldridge's car, Tree showed him a snub nosed 38 mm revolver.

He said he took Christina to get some food later that afternoon because there was "tension in the house" with all the partying. She wanted to get out of the house, he dropped her off and went to Willow Creek.

At 2:30 he got a call from someone from the house that contacted him. Baldridge said he "went into shock" and waited to make a decision about going to Arcata and went in the next day when law enforcement asked him to come into town.

Really scary to see my friend lying on the floor, a reluctant Carl Marino testifies

Zari, a German Shepherd, who is a canine with the Arcata Police Department and trained to search outdoors and in suspect apprehension sniffed out Bodhi Tree. Sgt. Ron Sligh said Tree was lying face down in the bushes near the 800 block of Shirley Boulevard.

Marino said "Emma and he went into shock" seeing Christina and Sunshine's body "laying on top of each other". He said their bodies were "mangled". He was reluctant to testify, couldn't identify Tree and said he did not know him. Marino often denied or said he could not remember details he testified about in the preliminary hearing about what he told Sgt. Martinez.

Marino was noncomittal about any detail relating to Tree. Later during direct,  he did admit that Tree was in the house the afternoon and that he was sleeping on the couch in the garage. Marino said he recalled Tree having tatoos.

Marino's attitude continued on cross and when Ms. Firpo questioned him on redirect. He said due to two heavy days of drinking and memory loss, he could not "recall much."

Even after Ms. Holmquist and Ms. Firpo showed him reports to refresh his recollection, he would deny statements he made earlier and in today's hearing either denied or contradicted statements he made or statements other witnesses have testified in this trial.

Jun 16, 2014

Planning Commission asked to give medical marijuana recommendation to Sups by June 19; Susan Matsen steps down and Supervisor Sundberg to appoint Steve Paine

Susan Matsen, one of the Humboldt Planning Commission members has stepped down. In her place, Supervisor Sundberg plans to appoint Steve Paine. Mr. Paine, lives in Willow Creek, is a long-time business owner, who is retired.

He was a Willow Creek Community Services District member for four years, the general manager for the Willow Creek Community Services District for 7 years and on the Board of Directors for Mad River Hospital.

Text of the letter sent by Board of Supervisors to Planning Commission:

June 17, 2014
Robert Morris, Chair
Humboldt County Planning Commission
3015 H Street
Eureka, California 95501

Dear Chair Morris and Planning Commissioners:

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors received an update today from the Medical Marijuana
Subcommittee, composed of Supervisors Sundberg and Lovelace, regarding the draft medical marijuana
outdoor cultivation ordinance on small parcels that is currently before your Commission. This Board is
dismayed at the lack of progress your Commission has made in moving forward on this draft ordinance.
As a result, the Board has decided to send this letter to remind your Commission what your role is in the
adoption of a County land use ordinance and to clearly set out our expectations regarding the
performance of your Commission.
A planning commission is not the decision-making body for adoption of an ordinance and therefore, the
role of a planning commission in this area is advisory only. Your job is to provide 1) are commendation
that the Board adopt the proposed ordinance; 2) a recommendation that the Board not adopt the
proposed ordinance; or 3) a recommendation that the Board adopt the proposed ordinance with
modifications. Although we understand that your Commission has expressed a desire to re-write the
proposed ordinance, it is not a planning commission's responsibility to write or re-write a proposed
ordinance that is before them. That responsibility is vested in planning staff who are charged, as
professional planners and at the Board's direction, with drafting proposed land use ordinances in
consultation with legal counsel. If a majority of your Commission dislikes a proposed ordinance before
you and believes that theCounty should not adopt it as presented, then the appropriate action for your
Commission to take is to recommend that the Board not adopt the proposed ordinance as written.
The Humboldt County Planning Commission is a part of county government and as such, this Board
expects that the Planning Commission will perform its duties competently, professionally, and in an
efficient manner. This Board is frustrated that rather than discussing the proposed ordinance and
making a recommendation to the Board the past several times it has been on your agenda, your
Commission instead chose to spend its time discussing the public process involved in developing the
proposed ordinance. For example, at your June 5,h meeting, you discussed whether sufficient public
comment had been received during the development of the draft ordinance, how town hall meetings
held by members of the Board on this subject had been noticed, and whether additional meetings in
other locations should be held. These matters are outside the purview of your Commission. The Board
is satisfied that the public process leading up to the development of the draft ordinance before you was
Therefore, the Board of Supervisors respectfully requests that the Planning Commission complete its
review of the proposed medical marijuana ordinance currently before it and make a recommendation to
the Board bv the end of its meeting on June 19 . 2014.

Rex Bohn, Chair
Humboldt County Board of Supervisors

Rex is up to his old tricks again!

Supervisor Rex Bohn thought he could get away with keeping his involvement about another good deed behind the scenes. The flagpole outside the Courthouse is getting a recent makeover. Hamanaka Painting and Carbonneau Ceramic Tile were approached by Rex to see what it would cost to jazz up the flagpole. Rex was going to pay for this himself. Both businesses decided to donate the cost for a project that would benefit the community.

The flagpole is old wood.  After two coats of primer and fresh paint, it looks brand new. The photo shows only a small glimpse of the tile work that will be part of the complete project.

When questioned, Rex's only response was to appreciate gratitude and recognize the local businesses that made this possible. Thank you Glenn Hamanaka and Pierre Carbonneau.

Parents of man who stopped breathing in jail have been notified but aunt who lives locally does not know so Coroner's office holding off on releasing identity

The Humboldt County Coroner's Office has notified the deceased man's parents who live out of area. His aunt who lives in Eureka does not know yet and efforts are being made to find her and notify her. The deceased's name is Darren Borges. Autopsy scheduled for this Saturday.

Sea Scouts property stolen after suspect entered building by cutting metal bars

On 06-15-2014, at approximately 8:30 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s was notified of a possible burglary in a commercial building at the End of Depot Road, Fields Landing. Deputies responded and were able to determine the building had been forcibly entered, but were unable to determine what if anything was stolen. The suspect(s) had entered through a window after cutting away metal bars. The Sheriff’s Office learned the building was owned by Humboldt Bay Harbor District, but the contents inside belonged to the Sea Scouts, who are affiliated with the Boy Scouts. A representative of the Sea Scouts was notified what had occurred and agreed to secure the building that evening and determine what was missing.

On 06-16-2014, at approximately 9:00 a.m. the representative contacted the Sheriff’s Office and reported a green, two person, Canoe, CF9437HM , an orange, two person, Kayak with sit on top benches, two black Pelican brand paddles, a 15 Horse Power Motor and a large green inflatable raft were stolen. The representative said the items were last in the building approximately two weeks ago. It appeared the items were removed by a roll up door after the suspects gained entry though the window.

The total estimated loss is estimated to be at least $1,500.00.

Assault with golf club, baseball bats and a stick in McKinleyville

On 06-15-2014, at approximately 1:15 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding a fight with several males involved in the 1600 block of Anderson Road, McKinleyville. Several of the males were reported to be armed with baseball bats, a golf club and a stick.

When deputies arrived in the area they met with a witness who reported two vehicles arrived at his neighbors’ residence, and there was a fight. One of the men had been struck in the head with a golf club. All the men fled the area in the two vehicles they arrived in, before the deputies arrived. Deputies notified Mad River Hospital of the fight and requested contact if any victims showed up at the hospital. Deputies searched the area where the fight occurred and located a baseball bat type object on the ground. While the deputies were checking the area, they were notified a 24 year old McKinleyville man just arrived at Mad River Emergency Room with head trauma. The man had been struck in the head with a golf club.

 Deputies met with the 24 year old victim at the hospital. He told the deputies he and his 26 year old brother were driving on School Road, McKinleyville when they saw a 25 year old man they believed stole their motorcycle about six months ago. They turned their car around and stopped it near the man on Anderson Avenue. The man ran into a home where he and at least six other adult males exited the residence. All the men exiting the home were wielding baseball bats, an axe handle and a golf club. A fight ensued between the men and the two brothers, at some point during the fight; the 24 year old victim was struck in the head with a golf club. After being struck, he lost consciousness and woke up in the hospital. His brother drove him to the hospital where he woke up.  The investigating deputy saw a large laceration on the victims head.

The investigating deputy also spoke with the 24 year old man’s brother, who is 26 years old. The brother told the deputy he was also struck in the back by an object while he was fighting with another man.  A witness later told deputies the 26 year old was struck in the back with a baseball bat.

The investigating deputy saw a red visible lump on the 26 year old brothers back consistent with being struck by a bat or similar blunt object.

The twenty four year old victim has been flown to an out of area hospital for a fractured skull. His current condition is unknown.  The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the case and trying to determine who all the suspects were.

Man under influence of alcohol and drugs stops breathing in jail, dies at the hospital

On 06-13-2014, at about 2:40 pm a 42 year old male, who had been arrested by the Eureka Police Department for being under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, was brought into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. The male was medically cleared by jail staff and was placed into a sobering safety cell by himself. Correctional Officers conducted 15 minute cell checks on the male subject, per their policy. At about 4:00 pm, a Correctional Officer noticed the male was unresponsive and may not be breathing. The Correctional Officer and jail medical staff immediately began life saving measures which included CPR. The Eureka Fire Department and an ambulance were immediately notified and responded to the Correctional Facility.

Once the paramedics arrived on scene they continued efforts on the male. The male was transported to a local hospital by ambulance at about 4:16pm. At the hospital an emergency room Physician pronounced the man deceased. The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office responded to the hospital and took possession of the man

A complete joint investigation into the circumstances of the man’s death is being conducted by Investigators with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Humboldt County Districts Attorney’s Office and the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.

The victim’s name is not being released at this time until next of kin is notified by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office. An autopsy is being scheduled for later this week to determine cause of death.

Child abandoned by two women charged with child endangerment, both under influence of drugs

On 06-14-2014, at approximately 12:22 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a citizen who reported finding an infant crying in a vehicle at Redway Beach, Garberville. Deputies responded to Redway Beach and met with the citizen and other witnesses.  A twenty five year old female witness was holding the 18 month old female child in her arms when deputies arrived. The twenty five year old female witness told the deputies she and a friend arrived at the beach approximately 90 minutes prior to the deputies arrival. She was on vacation and was staying at Benbow Campground. She and her friend came to Redway Beach to play in the river. Upon their arrival at the beach, she saw the rear passenger door to the 2001 Silver Mitsubishi Galant was partially open and a pink blanket was sticking out. The Galant was parked in the sun and it was 85 degrees. She and her friend walked to the river bar and did not see anyone around. They stayed at the river for about an hour when they were contacted by another witness who asked if they left a child in their vehicle. When they said they did not, they immediately returned to the Galant and could hear a small child crying. They looked in the car and saw the child was in distress. They were able to open the vehicles door and remove the girl who was crying, hot to the touch and sweating. They initially did not know there was an adult female in the rear seat of the vehicle passed out due to the clutter in the vehicle.

 Deputies looked in the the vehicle and saw a female lying across the rear seat with her head on the child seat, where the child had been. Deputies attempted to wake the female, who was later identified as Corynn Marie Kennedy, 18 years old from Loleta, with verbal commands but she did not wake up. The eventually were able to wake Kennedy up and determined she was under the influence of a controlled substance. When they asked Kennedy about the child she initially denied knowing a child was in the car, but later told the deputies the child’s mother “Devon”, had left the child with her.  Kennedy told the deputies she did not know where Devon was. Kennedy was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

 At approximately 1:15 p.m. a male and female walked up to the deputies’ location. The male identified himself as Joshua Marvin Overholt, 29 years old from Fortuna, and the female as Devon Elizabeth Davis, 22 years old from Shelter Cove.  Davis told the deputies she thought Kennedy was watching her child. Davis was arrested for child endangerment.  When deputies searched Davis they located three Hydrocodone pills and a Alprazolam, both narcotics in her possession. She did not have a prescription for them.  Deputies located approximately 0.4 grams of suspected methamphetamine in Kennedy’s possession.  Deputies determined Overholt appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance and was arrested for being under the influence.

Humboldt County Child Welfare Services was called to the scene and took custody of the 18 month old female.

Kennedy, Davis and Overholt were all transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked. Kennedy was arrested for being under the influence and possession of  illicit drugs. Her bail was set at $25,000.00.  Davis was arrested for child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance, her bail was set at $75,000.00. Overholt was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. His bail was set at $5,000.00.

17 year stabbed in the chest at McKinleyville gas station

On 06-14-2014, at approximately 11:58 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call with a citizen reporting a stabbing which just occurred at the 76 Gas Station at 2698 Central Avenue, McKinleyville. The citizen reported the suspect left the scene driving a red sedan, and the 17 year old male victim was at the station, needing immediate medical attention from a stab wound to the chest.

Medical personnel and deputies were dispatched to the 76 Gas Station. As deputies were arriving at the scene, they spotted a 1998 Red Audi sedan leaving at a high rate of speed with four occupants in the vehicle.. They initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 2500 block of Central Avenue, McKinleyville and detained the occupants. One of the occupants of the vehicle was later identified by witnesses as the stabbing suspect Luis Manuel Salinas-Gonzalez, 18 years old from McKinleyville. Deputies also responded to the gas station and met with witnesses and the victim.

After interviewing witnesses, deputies learned the victim and suspect had a  verbal confrontation at the gas station. During the confrontation Salinas-Gonzalez started to spin his vehicle around in the middle of Reasor Road, McKinleyville almost striking the 17 year old victim. The 17 year old male victim then punched the rear passenger side window of the Audi shattering it.  Salina-Gonzalez drove away, but returned a short time later with some family members. A fist fight ensued between Salinas-Gonzalez and the victim.  During the fight witnesses saw Salinas-Gonzalez strike the victim with something in his hand. After the victim was struck he fell to the ground. Salinas-Gonzalez then fled the scene.

Deputies located an approximate 2 ¾  inch red folding knife in Salinas-Gonzalez front pocket. Salinas-Gonzalez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse. He was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where his bail was set at $50,000.00.

The 17 year old victim was transported to a local hospital. His current condition is unknown.

Alternate juror causes recess in Bodhi Tree trial

Right before the hearing for Bodhi Tree started this morning, an alternate juror conveyed that she was in Laytonville and could not be here on time this morning. The Judge decided to recess for today and trial will resume tomorrow.

Judge Reinholtsen also discussed scheduling with jurors because the trial was expected to conclude at the end of June but that date has been moved to beginning of July.

Jun 15, 2014

St. Bernard's intruder kicked out the night before for being high

The intruder who kicked in the door at St. Bernard's rectory was kicked out of the clean and sober house he lived at that night for being "high."  He is still receiving medical care and has not yet been booked into the jail.

Pro active businesses, community and Eureka Main Street form action oriented neighborhood watch

Old Town and Downtown Eureka Neighborhood Watch is in the process of being formed, check out the facebook page. The logo is an eye with the slogan We look out for Each Other. Laura Dubois, whose family owns Alirose Boutique called Eureka Main Street to see if there was a current Neighborhood Watch. EMS Charlotte McDonald executive director  was very supportive and so is the Eureka Police Department.

Two months ago, Dubois created a questionnaire which was passed out to residents and businesses. The Wine Spot created a facebook page. The first meeting is June 25 in the lobby of Vance. Check out facebook or contact Eureka Main Street for times.

The purpose of this neighborhood watch meeting is not just to report and reduce crime but to build a greater sense of community. The purpose of the first meeting is to be action oriented and address the top concerns that have been identified in the questionnaires submitted.

Eureka Main Street is helping set up the meeting and have a central drop off point to drop the questionnaires.

The meeting is to get ideas from the community to deal with top concerns.

Dubois said "Charlotte has been great."