Apr 5, 2014

Come support Eureka Arts Alive, Virginia, Elan, Allan and other worthy causes

Will the early birds get the voters? Virginia Bass, Elan Firpo, Allan Dollison are set up and soon Walk a Mile in her Shoes. There are also 2 students from South Bay who won County History Day that are here fundraising to go to the State.

Come support Arts Alive, check out these DA candidates and support other worthy causes.

New attorney appointed for Limmie Greg Curry, Robinson asks motion to consolidate Lee and Curry cases be rescinded

Mr. Fletcher, who was supposedly Curry's attorney until yesterday, did appear via phone. He informed Judge Feeney that he had filed a motion to withdraw.

Ms. Bryson, who is specially appearing on behalf of  Lee's attorney Darryl Stallworth was present ; Mr. Gallegos for the People and Judge Feeney all said they were not aware and had not received the motion. This was on April 4 in Courtroom 1 in the afternoon. Mr. Fletcher said that he had filed it via fax on April 3 and was told it would be provided to the Court. Did not have a name of who he spoke to when he followed up on the fax.

Mr. Fletcher then went into an explaination of when he was retained initially to represent Curry and for a limited basis and then not retained for this trial by Curry's family or appointed. There was some back and forth on that discussion. Mr. Fletcher was relieved as Curry's attorney.

Mr. Kevin Robinson, who had previously represented Curry, was in the audience and he was appointed as Curry's attorney.

There have been future dates set and a jury trial is scheduled for July 28. At this point, Mr. Robinson asked the Court to rescind a motion to consolidate the Lee and Curry cases or grant a motion to sever the two cases.

He did so because based on the earlier conversation about when Mr. Fletcher was or was not representing Curry that this motion to consolidate was granted at a time when it was unclear that Curry had representation. Mr. Robinson said based on that reason, the motion to consolidate would be inappropriate.

Judge Feeney asked Mr. Gallegos for his opinion. Mr. Gallegos said they were all under the impression Mr. Fletcher was representing Curry; "it appears that is not the case". Mr. Gallegos requested that if the Court granted Mr. Robinson's motion to rescind that the "future dates remain set".

Judge Feeney said he did not hear opposition when he granted the motion to join cases in February but because it is unclear if Mr. Fletcher was representing Curry at that time and with different opinions from counsel and Mr. Robinson's repeated intention to file a written motion to sever cases, a Disposition Reset is scheduled on April 11 at 2 p.m.

Over 1200 responses to EPD survey so far

This number is from Chief Mills. It is a good survey and if more people continue to respond, EPD will have a better idea of how people feel.

Re: EPD survey on homelessness; my thoughts and a suggestion where we do not need to put people into jail, we need to help them

I took the survey, good questions.

Since it asks for a street address, some people may not fill it out, I hope that does not deter people. One does not have to enter name or any other personal information.

There is a comment box that asks for suggestions, right after the question about whether you feel safe in walking your neighborhood, shopping and on parks and trails.

My suggestion to improve those situations, if one feels unsafe, use the buddy system or call 911.

If there is not a threat,  my suggestion is there be a separate phone line to document and dispatch calls. There is a non-emergency number but it can only be used during business hours.  I am suggesting another line during non-business hours which people can use when it is not a 911 situation but they are encountering problems and when they call this line, instead of just the police being sent to deal with someone who is mentally ill, or someone frustrated because they are homeless and just sleeping in a public area or a landlord tenant situation with noise or rules being broken, that in addition to the police, someone from a social services agency or mental health or organizations that help homeless find shelter intervene.

The police are needed in case the situation develops into something more but this is something the police volunteers could help with since staffing is an issue. Agencies could have 1 staff member on call with a rotation.

In certain situations, people do not need to be booked into jail; they just need help. The police should not be doing the work of social services or landlords keeping their properties safe. They are. Especially with landlords who get rent money and it is their responsibility to keep their properties safe and livable.

This could be used in situations where there is no immediate threat to the person calling.

When mentally ill people or people suffering from poverty are confronted with law enforcement, it is just a bandaid to the real problem and it only adds to their anger and frustration. That sometimes leads to acts of crime when they are let out of jail.

Qualified professionals should be making the determinations on whether this person needs to be in jail or taken to mental health or given help. Not citizens.

Survey from the Eureka Police Department on homeless and crime

The Eureka Police Department is asking community members to fill out this short survey for the City Homeless Improvement Program.

The City Homeless Improvement Program (CHIP), which is comprised of community members, elected officials, and staff from both the City of Eureka and County of Humboldt, have been meeting in recent months to identify and address issues associated with homelessness in our area.  Currently, the group is reaching out to business owners, the homeless community, and residents to get a better grasp on the situation.  As part of this effort, we need a few minutes of your time to fill out the short survey linked below.


Please keep in mind that with the survey, we are only intending to gather information on a small part of the larger homelessness problem.  This survey focuses primarily on crime, with the goal of efficiently directing resources where they will be best utilized.  Other attempts are being made to identify programs that may be made available to homeless individuals interested in accepting assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to take this survey.

Apr 4, 2014

Alleged suspect in Shamus T Bones' embezzlement case to be arraigned this afternoon

Malcom Atwood III Carpenter is charged with a felony of property offense. Count 1 is Embezzlement and Count 2 is Grand Theft. He is to be arraigned on this complaint in Courtroom 1 this afternoon which is Judge John Feeney's Court.

Luke Brownfield is prosecuting for the People. There are previous posts about this case. Mr. Barry has been alleging that there has been a slow response by the DA's office. He himself admitted it has only been a couple months since he told EPD and that around the end of January, according to Mr. Barry, the case was forwarded to the DA's office. Court documents show that the complaint was filed 3/19/14 and the alleged suspect is being arraigned today.

Come to your own conclusions.

The courtroom is packed every day, there have been serious violent crimes, several high profile murder cases recently and the daily crime rate in Humboldt is evident, and every suspect has to be arraigned and time bound court procedures to be followed so even if the end of January timeline is accurate, a month and a half is not exactly a slow response.

Do we not want allegations investigated and people's constitutional rights followed before they get charged?
And the packed courtroom calendar is not helped when cases have to be retried. Certain decisions have a domino effect.

I do think Mr. Barry is doing the right thing being concerned about the community but the suspect is innocent until proved guilty.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Barry was present in the audience. Malcolm Carpenter was there with a private attorney, I will update this with his name on Monday. His attorney acknowledged the receipt of the complaint. A not guilty plea was entered. He entered a general time waiver.

Intervention is April 21 at 3 p.m. and Preliminary Hearing is May 14 at 8:30 a.m.

Eddie Lee and Limmie Greg Curry pre-trial conference update. Will Curry's attorney make an appearance?

Today in Courtroom 1 with Judge John Feeney presiding, Eddie Lee's felony case for homicide with co-defendant Limmie Greg Curry is scheduled for a pre-trial conference.

Charges for Lee are murder, robbery/rape, possession of marijuana and involvement of a firearm.

Background information from previous court coverage on this case:

Eddie Lee is a co-defendant with Limmie Greg Curry in a retrial of a murder case.  Representing Lee is Darryl Stallworth from the Bay Area, with special appearances by local attorney Kathleen Bryson. Curry is being represented by Mr. Fletcher. Case is being prosecuted by the people, again, by District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Judge John Feeney presiding.

On February 5, Lee and Curry's cases were joined together for trial. Paul pointed out that this is the third time Curry's attorney Fletcher has failed to appear, either by phone or in person, causing delays. Niether Paul or Darryl Stallworth have heard from Fletcher. Judge Feeney said he had not received anything from Fletcher saying he was withdrawing from Curry's case.

Judge John Feeney asked Curry if Curry would like the court to appoint counsel. Curry declined. He still wants Fletcher. Paul said that "these delays are very unfair to the victims and their families."

Judge Feeney agreed, he said if Fletcher does not appear at the next court date which is pre-trial on April 4, at least by phone, that the Court will sanction Fletcher and appoint Curry counsel. Trial Confirmation is at 2 PM on July 14 and Trial is scheduled for July 28.

On July 14, if there is no plea or motion to continue, the Court will set a trial readiness conference and trial assignment dates. Trial assignment is usually Friday before the jury trial.

Apr 3, 2014

"If my decision remains the same, I will not let Mr. Klein speak and further jeopardize the judicial process."

Once Judge Hinrichs was done explaining the rules and the plea bargaining, she opened her remarks with, "This case is a tragedy." She said the Court had read and reviewed all documents presented and these were from all the attorneys and Probation and the victim's family.

She then said her tentative decision was to set the pleas aside. She explained why and read post 1 for those details.

"If counsel says anything that causes me to change my tentative decision, I will hear from Mr. Klein. If my decision remain the same, I will not let Mr. Klein speak and further jeopardize the judicial process." This should give a clear idea of where the Judge stands and as indicated by other comments, many people do, including Klein's peers.

Mr. Gallegos was not present earlier when the People addressed the Court, so Ms. Neel spoke for the People. She did not challenge Judge Hinrich's tentative decision. What she did say was, "One concern I have is misrepresentation of wounds. We are happy to proceed (to trial). The evidence will show differently (than what has been represented in the media) and we will refile with different charges."

The three defendants attorneys spoke in the following order: Mr. Reavis, Mr. Okin and Ms. Dixon.

 In addition to the comments in post 1, Mr. Reavis pointed out that the "entire history between Mr. Anderson-Jordet and Mr. Ferrer was less than 1 minute. Reavis said Anderson-Jordet inititiated and was antagonistic. Ferrer was "frightened." This was not intended or expected, out of character for Mr. Anderson and Jordet and Mr. Ferrer. He said while he was ready to take the matter to trial, both sides came to negotiated plea which was reviewed by Probation.

Reavis described Ferrer as a gentle man, a member of the LGBT community, a Buddhist. I thought Mr. Reavis did an excellent job of defending his client and showed sensitivity to the fact that the victim's family was in the courtroom. So did Mr. Okin and Ms. Dixon.

Mr. Okin said, "There are 2 sides to a story; in Ms. Rocheleau's case there is only 1 side of facts. It was clear Mr. Jordet was the agressor and intoxicated. He said a plea bargain was negotiated, he asked if the Court was rejecting his client's plea as a part of a package and asked that the Court accept her plea.

Ms. Dixon said she "appreciated the comments of both her colleagues." She spoke about her client's plea, brought up the same point of package deal and basis for rejection. "Mr. Stoiber plead exactly as charged. He took responsibility."

Ms. Dixon said Stoiber struck Anderson-Jordet "One time causing laceration of the lip" and that he did so to protect Rocheleau. Ms. Dixon said Stoiber was not aware Ferrer had a knife or that Mr. Jordet had been struck.

Judge Hinrichs suggested the District Attorney could refile charges and even suggested that they be more appropriate to what the plea reflected and re-evaluate if they had overcharged the case which might have led to the perception that the plea deal was inappropriate. She explained to the public again, court process and why she came to her decision. She pointed out in a trial, all the defendants could be found not guilty. Mr. Reavis had earlier mentioned the different type of murder charges a defendant cxan be charged with and that in Ferrer's case there was no intent to kill. It was evident that the Judge was restrained in her remarks of how she felt about being put in the spotlight. She said at least 3 times that she was setting the pleas aside "in the interest of justice." And was clear why she made her original plea ruling.

Mr. Gallegos asked to speak again once the defendants' attorney concluded their statements. He said, "The role of the Court is to look at plea bargains; there is a system of checks and balances." He again expressed the concern that inaccurate information and misinformation had been put out in the public.

Intervention has been set for May 8 at 3 p.m. and Preliminary Hearing May 28 at 8:30 a.m. The date set was based on attorney schedules and after Mr. Gallegos consulted with the family when they could be back in town.

Arnie left before the dates were set. And it was Mr. Gallegos who spoke with the family and requested to the Court that he get their input before a date was set.

Arnie was sick according to the press release he sent out to select media; he used the wheelchair sometimes today. He could have requested a continuance from the Court to rest and get better and given that he represented the family, the Judge would have probably granted that request. Theatrics such as introducing himself as "Arnie Klein for the People; I mean the family" in a case and handing out pleadings that were not approved by the Judge to select press in a case where emotions are so high were tacky and highly inappropriate.

Elmy Workman sentencing postponed again, this time defense requests continuance based on amended probation report

On the same day as the Ferrer case, this is another case where the family is appealing the plea and did so by them contacting an attorney on their own and that attorney, Allison Jackson is representing them pro-bono. This was also a high profile case and Ms. Jackson did not play it up in the media like Arnie Klein did on the Ferrer case. I covered it as a part of my regular court beat.

This took place in Courtroom 1, with Jason Sheets for the People, Neal Sanders for Elmy Workman and Ms. Jackson for the victim's family.

Both the Court and attorneys only received the amended probation report on April 1. Mr. Sanders requested the continuance so that he could have enough time to review the report with his client. Next court date is April 15 at 3 p.m.

There is background information on this case on this blog.

Plea bargains rejected in Ferrer case

Juan Joseph Ferrer's plea included four-year jail sentence and $10,000 in restitution fees for the fatal stabbing of Douglas Anderson-Jordet. He plead no contest to involuntary manslaughter.

Nicholas Benjamin Stoiber and Sophie Buttercup Rocheleau, also had  no contest pleas. Stoiber plead to a charge of assault likely to produce bodily harm and Rocheleau had plead to a misdemeanor battery charge.

The People today were represented by ADA Kelly Neel and District Attorney Paul Gallegos in Courtroom 5 presided by Judge Joyce Hinrichs. Ferrer was represented by Public Defender Marek Reavis, Stoiber by Public Defenfer Jennifer Dixon and Rocheleau by Benjamin Okin.

The victim's family was represented by Arnie Klein, 1 of 4 canddidates running for District Attorney. Maggie Fleming and Allan Dollison were not present; but they had supporters in the courtroom. Elan Firpo who originally prosecuted the case was present in the audience as were several other attorneys.

Ms Firpo asked Mr. Gallegos to reassign the case and he took over the case. In media reports, Mr. Gallegos said his decision had “nothing to do” with Ms. Firpo's handling of the case or the quality of her work, but he did it because the case is being used for other purposes by two of Firpo's fellow candidates in the upcoming district attorney election. Also because for justice to be served for everyone involved based on evidence and not politics.

The family of Douglas Anderson-Jordet, the victim, flew in from Minnesota for the ruling today. The hallway was packed prior to the case being called and so was the courtroom.

Judge Hinrichs and the defendants' attorneys spoke candidly about the case. Judge Hinrichs said when she accepted plea, the victim's family was okay with resolution and did not object. This is exactly what Elan Firpo has been saying. The judge set the pleas aside today because she said the "family's decision was clear." She also said that it was not just the family's statement that affected her decision, but stated at least 3 times that it was "in the interest of justice".

This was after the recent victim impact statement and after the family had been told who knows what and by whom.

Arnie will try to spin this as if he won. He did not. He used a court procedure which instead of standing up for the victim has now become a media circus because of the way he handled and got involved in this case. The case will go trial and charges that will be filed can be amended as Judge Hinrichs suggested today to Mr. Gallegos and the outcome could be the same or a not guilty verdict.

Arnie Klein has yet to answer whether he is doing this pro bono. It is yet not known who contacted the victim's family. These are questions that deserve answers.

Public Defenders representing the clients, the courts, other attorneys and other costs will apply. In another case today, Allison Jackson represented the family pro-bono; they approached her and so far the result has been a delay in sentencing and an amended probation report and it won't be the same outcome as the original plea deal.

Arnie's handling of the case put Judge Hinrichs in a terrible position. Judge Hinrich said if she made a decison either way on the plea, she would be accused of "either being in the pocket of the DA or being too liberal."

"Politics have no place in the courtroom" were her exact words.

Reavis summed up what many people privately expressed. "This case is a tragedy for every individual associated with the case." Later on, in his statement addressing the Court, he said that this tragedy has been further compounded by a despicable individual using this forum for their own notoreity.  "It is a personal attack on another individual which has nothing to do with the family or the court process. The tragedy of Mr. Anderson-Jordet's family has been amplified for no good reason." This was a reference to Arnie Klein.

He further added, "The pleas came from a review of all evidence" and that they were rejected due to "conjecture, hyperbole and misrepresentation."

More than once, Judge Hinrichs said that she did not want future judicial process to be affected, that she felt her decision was made because if she did not set the pleas aside, "It would erode the public's trust in the system".

 Judge sealed certain documents and press had to return documents because the Judge saw that Arnie handed out in open court to select press.

"Now that I have become involved in this way, " said Judge Hinrichs, "what I am leaning towards is disqualifying myself."  She expressed regret that she had to say this in court without talking to her colleagues.

 Preliminary hearing is set for May 28 at 8:30 a.m..

Attorneys were already present in the courtroom and immediate family was let in before court was open to the public. Media had to sit in an assigned row. The baliffs did a great job in coordinating the flow of people to the seats and were very vigilant, as usual, about court rules to be followed.

Judge Hinrichs laid down some additional rules before addressing the sentencing.  "No one to speak out of turn, no one in audience to speak unless ordered so by the court, no clapping or cheering."

"I know most of you have an opinion; "1/2 of you will be disappointed. Courts are a place people come for justice. We need to protect the rights of the defendant and the people."

Judge Hinrichs defined plea bargaining and negotiated dispositions and spoke a bit about the plea bargaining role in the criminal justice system.  She explained that the plea is not binding at the time of the sentencing.

I am posting remarks in chronological order by the Judge, the People and the defendant attorney's in a separate post; this way if you want nuts and bolts, you read this; if you want a detailed picture, check the second post.

Ferrer hearing to start at 4

Hallway packed. We are still waiting. Finally let in at 4:30. By the time everyone was seated, Judge enters at 4:40.

Allan Dollison declines Arnie Klein's request to attend Ferrer sentencing; will public have access to enough seats, read why

Arnie Klein requested that Allan Dollison attend the Ferrer sentencing today. Allan told me he declined. Good for Allan.

Allan added, "This is the court process. It is interesting that no one can seem to separate Arnie the candidate versus Arnie the lawyer. That is why I am not going."

This is a good question. If Arnie the candidate would not have taken this case on, this would not be an issue.

No one brought that point up when Elan Firpo was criticized for her handling of this very case by two of her opponents. To Allan's credit again, while he criticized Elan (who I am supporting); unlike Arnie he did not make it the focus of every debate and Arnie using this case in the media to get attention.

Arnie supporters have personally attacked me everytime  their own tactics are being exposed. And they will try again. Where is the coverage on the DA's race and candidates by the rest of the media including the Fortuna sign ordinance and feelings people have on this case and Arnie's involvement.

I was asked by a few people in the community why Arnie is doing this case and running for DA. They see it as political gain. I told them someone else from the media or they themselves should ask the question, not me because Arnie's campaign and supporters will twist any efforts by me to provide answers to you. I cover the court beat regularly and I am going to cover this case for that reason and also so I have information.

I have heard that it was Judge Hinrich's decision to change the time. I have also heard that there maybe  efforts to let people in that the prosecutor, defense and victim families bring which would stack the seating and slant the public's right to the same information. In a courtroom where seats are limited, that is wrong. No other Judge has done this in any high profile case. What prompted Judge Hinrich's decision?

Perhaps the fact that 1 candidate, Arnie Klein went on the blogs and to the media inviting people to attend this hearing

This is a public courtroom. While the Judge can determine how their Courtroom runs, this process does not allow any one the public would not have equal access to all the information. I plan to be there and I am going both as a citizen and for my blog, personally.

So who is politically grandstanding? I think as many members of the public, not just candidate supporters, should show up to see who will be let in and somehow certain decisions may be changed after this post to allow public input.

Instead of reading just my report or any other media, come see for yourself.

Bodhi Tree jury selection procedure starts today; Borgner update

In the Bodhi Tree case, the finalized copy of the jury questionnaire and complete witness list was provided to Judge Dale Reinholtsen yesterday in Courtroom 4 yesterday. Case is being prosecuted by Elan Firpo. Defendant is being co-represented by Public Defenders Casey Russo and Heidi Holmquist.

Although all witnesses may not testify; the list of potential and witnesses that will definitely testify are 60.
There will be 2 jury pools today and tomorrow that may end up as Tree jurors.

All the Judges, attorneys, prosecutors and defense attorneys and public defenders and baliffs work very hard every day and covering the court regularly, I see days when the court calendar is packed and it would be easy to get stressed. I am not singling DDA Zach Curtis and Ms. Holmquist and Baliff Conklin out but yesterday, all 3 were great examples of professionalism and staying calm and smiling while doing their job on a packed day. I do have my favorites because day in and day out, I see certain people in the above category give more than 100% and retain their humanity in an environment where it is easy to be jaded.

Lance Borgner waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Yesterday he was arraigned on information for and court dates were set. I will have those dates updated later. With his case being called at the same time as the Tree case, I could not be present in 2 courtrooms at the same time.

Ferrer sentencing may not happen until 4 p.m., information you would not know except for this post

It is listed as 2 p.m. on the court calendar for today. But when I checked on the time today, heard it may happen at 4 p.m. That is interesting since it is not a special set.

Come a bit early if you want a seat. I suggest people interested come at 2 p.m. and then you will know for sure.

I didn't publicize the case. Arnie put out a call and I think in the public's interest, there should be objective, non-interested parties in that courtroom, not just media and certain candidate supporters. The fact that the time would be changed is not something most people would know and only select media and select people would be given that information.

Apr 2, 2014

Why I support Virginia Bass

I  remember the first time I talked to Virginia. It was at OH’s in 2004. Even on a busy night, Virginia took time to talk to someone she did not know. She made me feel special. Years later, I feel the same way and this letter is about someone I consider my family.

Over the years, whenever I have needed information or help, Virginia is the one I turn to first and no matter how hectic her schedule is, she makes time for me. Many people think they know me, Virginia is one of two people that really knows me. I have followed her political career from City Hall to the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Life in Humboldt County is a struggle for many, me included.  There are times being an outsider; someone who does not have the multi-generation connections can be challenging. On days when I am feeling down but no one can tell, I will get an email or call from Virginia checking to see how I am. She has been there during the most difficult personal times of my life.

The Virginia Bass I support is the woman who in the middle of a contested campaign against a 24 year incumbent stopped walking door to door to talk to a homeless man gathering recyclables. It was more important to her to see what she could do to help this man at that moment than win a campaign. Please vote for Virginia Bass on June 3rd.

Apr 1, 2014

Double murder suspect allegedly gave confession to police, but allegedly also has no recollection of what he did

A source close to the alleged suspect Vincent Sanchez said that Sanchez allegedly gave a confession to the police with details of the crime scene only the murderer would know but later Sanchez allegedly told someone else, a person his family had asked to speak to Sanchez to see his state of mind , that he had no recollection of what he had done.

Sanchez was arraigned on March 28.

EPD to wear purple to show solidarity with the victims of sexual assault and child abuse

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Bringing light to these often hidden crimes is vital to the just treatment of people who are often abused in private.  Often times friends, family and even the justice system itself ignores and excuses this behavior as personal.  Sexual assault and child abuse truly affects each of us and it is passed on from generation to generation.

To bring awareness to these problems, each police officer and civilian employee will wear a purple ribbon during the month of April to show solidarity with the victims of sexual assault and child abuse.

If you would like to spread awareness and wear a ribbon, pick one up at the Eureka Police Department, 604 C street.

Eureka councilmembers Albin on crime in Eureka and Ciarabellini on nightime releases

Normally Council reports are mundane but this evening during Council Reports, two Council members spoke about two hot topics.

Councilmember Chet Albin said he recently met with Supervisor Rex Bohn; Interim City Manager for Eureka, Mike Knight; Eureka City Attorney and Chief Andy Mills. The topic: Crime.

Albin said that The City of Eureka needs to stand up to the crime element in Eureka. "We are sick of the crime element in Eureka and we need to figure out how we can prosecute misdemeanors," he said. "We have laws in this city we cannot enforce. "

He said the DA's office for "lack of funding " or whatever reasons,  does not prosecute misdemeanors. "The DA finds a way to get rid of these cases instead of prosecuting them".

Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini spoke of "a tragic incident on Jan 1 near and dear to our hearts" and why nighttime releases was of importance. Chief Mills and Ciarabellini plan to address this through the League of Cities and specifically when they discuss legislation pertinent to cities. SB 833, read a post on this blog for details and was first mentioned by Dr. Scott Sattler is a bill that has a third reading in the Senate and was the legislation referred to this evening.

Ciarabellini said it has a voluntary program for inmates and "that is where I think it fails" but she feels that could be addressed and amended before the bill passes. She said Sheriff Downey has implemented a similar program.

Paula Arrowsmith-Jones from the Northcoast Rape Crisis Center received a proclamation for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She thanked the City Council and said working on awareness was a team effort  "We cannot do the work without you." She added that "it is sad that we still have to come here year after year."

Ms. Arrowsmith-Jones spoke about federal grants that NRCC had received that would specifically benefit the City of Eureka. These grants would fund a prosecutor position in the D.A's office dedicated to these cases for the next 3 years and a position for a Victim Witness Advocate. She thanked the partnerships that with Tribal Law Enforcement, the Police Department, the District Attorney's Office and Probation.

"No matter where they are in the gender spectrum, they do not deserve to be violated," was the most poignant portion of her remarks. Ms. Arrowsmith also spoke about the various events that happen during April which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She also spoke earlier at the Board of Supervisor's meeting where she received a proclamation from Supervisor Ryan Sundberg recognizing April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Prevention and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

NRCC raise funds through donations, grants and fundraisers.

A report was presented on quarterly data on the Hotel Ordinance tracking properties that potentially abuse city fire and police resources. This will be done for a year. The Budget Motel topped the list. Mayor Frank Jager made an editorial quip directed at naysayers who regularly decried that Teen Challenge would be a problem and attract crime in neighborhoods saying that Teen Challenge had 0 calls in violation of this ordinance.

GPU, Urgency Ordinance and more at BOS meeting; 1 group of speakers hog a chunk of the time

GPU was postponed to afternoon session and I am sure the media will cover that and the Urgency Ordinance. What the media may not cover is the proclamations. For me that was the important part of today's BOS meeting.

 End result of the Urgency Ordinance, there were 2 motions. One was to direct the sub committee,  Rex Bohn and Mark Lovelace to work with the Human Rights Commission. The other was to repeal ordinance 2488. I would have liked to include testimony from the many community members and Human Rights Commission members present but I had to leave by 11 am. Normally these issues would have been addressed by then, but the meeting was delayed due to 3 people hogging a chunk of the time, oblivious that there were other important issues in the morning session.

The first  group of speakers receiving a proclamation honoring National County Government had representatives from Red Cross, United Way and a law enforcement liasion. They  took 45 minutes this morning to give redundant information that could have been referred via a website and no specifics on their topic and did a disservice to the other organizations receiving proclamations and to the audience which was waiting for the other proclamations and the Urgency ordinance. Most people have 1 representative speak, not 3 and they should have limited themselves to 15 minutes at the most and Rex should have politely cut them off when they went on and on for half an hour. By this time, the audience's eyes were glazing over more than Krispy Kreme donuts.

The agenda was too packed, maybe the DHHS report which was not time sensitive could have been scheduled on any other Tuesday when there weren't 6 special presentations and hot topics like the GPU and Urgency Ordinance.

Someone should clue Barbara Caldwell, Dan Larkin and Gabrielle Parkinson that this was not a report on their work, they should have said thank you and highlighted their various organizations' efforts and actually given specific practical tips on disaster preparedness. The excellent question from Supervisor Estelle Fennell should have been what they should have discussed.

I have been observing certain things at public meetings, in the courts and the community for a while. And sometimes, like this morning, being silent is not an option. Important proclamations on child abuse prevention, sexual assault awareness, Social workers, Worker's Memorial Day, the local Granges and Literacy all did not get the time and attention they deserved because of some selfish people with no social skills or sense of community.

I realize sometimes I ruffle feathers when I call out certain people on this blog but I do because others do feel the same way I do (they tell me and they write to me) but to speak out would jeopardize their jobs, their funding and they have families to support.

Mar 31, 2014

Allan Dollison Meet and Greet in Garberville on April 7

District Attorney Candidate, Allan L. Dollison will be holding a Meet the Candidate event on Monday, April 7, 2014 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Garberville Veteran’s Hall located at 483 Conger Street in Garberville.