Mar 15, 2014

Off duty DA investigator thwarts shoplifter at Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

DA investigator Tom Cooke was at the BLMC in Old Town. What should have been a coffee run turned into a good deed and he helped thwart an attempted shoplifter.

No arrest. Tom tracked the shoplifter down to the bus stop near Lost Coast Brewery and recovered stolen goods.

The man in question wanders around Old Town with a haircut like Don King so store owners, be on the lookout.

Tom is a friend of mine and Jeff is one of my favorite local business owners.

I spoke with BLMC owner Jeff Hesseltine. The man in question, identified by both Jeff and Tom as Jerry, came in purchased a drink and sat down. He was looking at some T-shirts. No one was paying attention until Tom saw him put something under his jacket. Tom notified Jeff.

While Tom was talking to Jeff, Jerry left the cafe. Jeff checked his video and tracked Jerry down near Old Town Coffee. He asked Jerry if he had taken something. Jerry denied it, even emptied his pockets. Jeff returned to the store and Tom stuck to his story. Jeff checked his video again, he saw Jerry tuck something under his arm and inside his jacket.

Tom asked Jeff if he wanted him to track Jerry down. Tom then rode his motorcycle, spotted Jerry near the Brewery, asked him again about the alleged theft and informed him they had him on surveilance. Tom told Jerry, "I could arrest you or you could return the stolen goods"

At this point Jerry fessed up and returned what he had shoplifted.

No arrest, no paperwork on something that probably would have had no jail time, and hopefully Jerry will think twice before shoplifting.

Kudos to those businesses that have surveillance and to Tom for stepping in and doing the right thing.

"We need to take our streets back," Tom.

Mar 14, 2014

Attempted burglary arrest results in mental health evaluation

On 03-12-2014 at about 2350 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence located in the 1700 block of Quaker Street, Eureka, regarding a residential burglary alarm. When deputies arrived on scene they saw a male and female suspect inside of the residence through a bedroom window.  Deputies then detained both of those suspects as they exited the residence. Both of the suspects were carrying items in their hands.

The two suspects were identified as Misty Dawn Miller age 29 and Brian Anthony Arriaga age 33. Deputies were able to contact the owner of the residence, who confirmed that they did not know both of the suspects and they did not have their permission to be in the residence.

The suspects were carrying clothing, keys and a silver bar in their hands that belonged to the owner of the residence. Both suspects were then arrested for Burglary and Grand Theft. Both suspects were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked on those charges. Miller because of the jail matrix for females related to overcrowding was booked and release on her promise to appear in court. Arriaga was held in custody and his bail was set at $50,000 dollars.

On 03-13-2014 at about 1107 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a suspicious female walking on Park Street, Eureka looking into parked cars and mailboxes and the female suspect had just went to the rear of a residence located in the 3400 block of Park Street. A citizen detained the female suspect prior to the deputies arriving on scene. When deputies arrived on scene they identified the female as Misty Dawn Miller age 29. Deputies learned from talking to witnesses that Miller entered a residence in the 3400 block of Park Street, through a rear sliding glass door that was left unlocked. Deputies checked the residence and could not see any signs that anything was stolen from the residence. The victim of the residence was contacted and Miller did not have permission to enter the residence. Park Street in located next to Quaker Street.

When Deputies spoke to Miller about entering the residence she admitted that she had, because she was looking for her daughter and heard her daughter’s voice coming from inside the residence. After speaking to Miller further, deputies determined that Miller was having mental health issues. Miller was then transported to Humboldt County Mental Health for a 72 hour mental health evaluation. The Sheriff’s Office placed a  hold on Miller at mental health. When Miller is cleared at mental health she will be booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for attempted burglary. The Sheriff’s Office will request that Miller’s bail be increased and that she be held in custody. 

Mar 13, 2014

Tea party debate not the big news, Allan Dollison's campaign manager is the real scoop

Only Thad Greenson from Northcoast Journal and myself were there as media. Access Humboldt filmed the first debate and I would like to thank the Humboldt Tea Party for recording the event. I liked the format. It was well moderated by Joe Bonino and not having audience ask questions or cheer and boo was good Each candidate got to speak and I would urge as many people as possible to watch this debate.

I have not decided if I will post highlights or summary. I definitely have my opinions not just about the candidate I support but how others did tonight. I was very proud of Elan.

The big news is that Jim Ferguson is Allan Dollison's campaign manager.

Fortuna sign ordinance up for passage on March 17, City of Fortuna says no complaints about signs but mum on whether signs were up

 Fortuna City Clerk Linda Jensendid confirm that the item on political signs was tabled on March 3 because not all City Council members were present, and will go before the entire city council on March 17.

So the Council has not yet met and suspended the ordinance on signs. There are people who said that signs were up and they heard people were complaining.  This was last night.

I could not reach anyone at the City of Fortuna until today. When I talked to Fortuna City Manager Regan Candelario, he said there have been no complaints. They would look into the matter, if there had been complaints. No comment on whether signs were up or not.

Again, when Maggie has 2 supporters on Fortuna City Council, I think there is a conflict of interest.  I have disclosed many times that I am an Elan supporter. This is unfair to the other 3 candidates.

I never get any comment from Maggie's campaign. That is their choice.

Were there signs or not? And whoever did complain needs to come forward because at this point it is just he said, she said. And if signs were up, they could have been removed.

So facebook likes without any definite trace are a big deal, but this is a non-issue? Why don't we see any other media doing a story on 2 Fortuna City Council members voting on an issue that affects a candidate they support?

All 4 DA candidates qualified and will be on the ballot

Just confirmed with the Elections Office.

Allan Dollison was at the HCDCC meeting last night. I am not a Democrat so while I did not attend,  I have had few people call and say they were impressed with him.

Enjoyed Mark Grimes letter in the Times-Standard today. He does represent that group that has not made up their mind yet.

And I think if all campaigns were objectively to look at feedback, that group is significant in this race.

Meth, marijuana and guns in POP bust

I knew it was too quiet today.

On 03/12/13, at 2:15 p.m., detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s
Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) served a search warrant in the 2800
block of Spring Street in Eureka.

During the service of the search warrant, detectives confiscated a loaded
sawed off shot gun with the serial number removed, three semi-automatic
pistols (one of which had the serial numbers removed), one revolver, 
marijuana possessed for the purpose of sales, drug paraphernalia,and
 a small quantity of suspected methamphetamine.  Also inside the residence
 was cash totaling $3,200 which was believed to be the proceeds from drug

Arrested at the scene were:
Uriah Koda Easley, 23, H&S 11377(a) Possession of Methamphetamine
                                        H&S 11350(a) Possession of a Narcotic Controlled
                                        H&S 11359   Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of
  Isaiah Rei Easley, 21,   PC 23900   Removal of the Mark of Identification
                                      from a Firearm
                                        PC 33215   Possession of a Short Barreled Shot gun                               
  H&S 11364 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  H&S 11359  Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Sales     

 Both brothers were booked in to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Mar 12, 2014

Frequent flier Shiloh Chase gets another slap on the wrist

Four cases for Shiloh Chase were up for Disposition and Rest this afternoon in Judge Feeney's court. Luke Brownfield for the People and Public Defender Heidi Holmquist for Chase.

The two parties came to an agreement. People reduced count 1 to a misdemeanor, which meant both charges in 1 case were now misdemeanors: vehicle theft and possession of a controlled substance (meth). Other cases involved violation of probation. Shiloh changed his plea to guilty; probation was revoked and he had to pay a few fines but authorized for release to a treatment program designee or probation.

A few fines, a little jail time. People did not ask for restitution today, reserved for future.

I am sure this time he will complete and maintain treatment. I am sure he won't commit another crime while on probation.

Shiloh looked cool and relaxed before his case was called, after all he knew there are never any real consequences.

Maggie signs up in Fortuna already?

Thought this item was being voted at a future meeting on March 17?

So are there signs up when the ordinance has not yet been suspended.

Defense and private attorneys run the courtroom under Paul's watch?

In the last Humboldt County election, Paul Gallegos was criticized not because plea bargains were being made but how Paul let criminals off easy and abused the process.
Covering the courtroom now on a pretty regular basis, I see plea bargains being made. Each case is individual but I would have to agree with the above criticism.
While waiting to see the outcome of another case in Courtroom 1 with Judge John Feeney presiding, I heard a case being called and remembered it from previous coverage. Neal Sanders was representing Elmy Workman and Luke Brownfield for the people. Workman was supposed to be sentenced today. The case had a plea bargain negotiated.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Allison Jackson today and found out why. Ms. Jackson was representing the victim and the victim's family in this case. They were objecting to the plea bargain and had not seen the pre-sentencing report.
Mr. Sanders objected and asked that his client be sentenced this afternoon, Mr. Brownfield had no comment. He said he was not in court when the change in plea occurred. Mr. Gallegos was present that day.
Judge Feeney provided Ms. Jackson with the pre-sentencing report, Ms. Jackson will now advise the family of their rights and they will address the court regarding this matter.
Maybe Paul should not be letting his Deputy District Attorneys speak for decisions he makes and is responsible for as the DA. Will this plea bargaining  par for the course mentality change when a new District Attorney is elected? 
I think any of the 4 DA candidates would be a better choice than our present DA. Prosecutors should not be defense attorneys. The only ones sorry to see Paul go will be criminals and defense and private attorneys who do quite well under the current administration.
Seeing Allison Jackson in court reminds me of what a powerhouse attorney and prosecutor is like and every day in court you see former prosecutors who worked for Paul now thriving in private practice.
Background information:
According to an Arcata Police Department Press Release, on May 29th, 2012, at approximately 6:45pm, officers responded to the Mad River Community Hospital on the report of a woman arriving at the emergency room that had just been stabbed.

 After further investigation it was determined the stabbing had taken place in the 500 Blk of G St in Arcata. The suspect and victim knew one another and had been involved in an ongoing dispute. The victim attempted to flag down the suspect to speak with her adult son who was in the vehicle. When the suspect and victim pulled their vehicles' off the roadway, the discussion turned to an argument. During the argument, the suspect slashed the victim across the abdomen with a knife, resulting in a moderate injury requiring hospitalization.
 Elmy Arely Workman, 33 of Arcata was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for a violation of penal code section 245(a)(1), Assault with a Deadly Weapon

According to the Arcata Eye, The victim, a Blue Lake resident, has a child in common with the suspect’s son.

 Dokweiler said a “road rage” encounter on Samoa Boulevard resulted in the disputants pulling off on G Street, where the alleged attack occurred.

Judy Hodgson says Ryan and Virginia are probably unbeatable

In her Publisher's column in this week's Northcoast Journal,  Judy says the above but adds she will elaborate why in a future column.

I could guess what those reasons are. I have supported and do support both Virginia and Ryan.

One of the many reasons I do is because I relate to someone who understands the practical reality of jobs and housing. As much as certain people would like to paint Virginia and Ryan differently, they do understand that people struggle and why.

They do understand the challenges people go through to hold onto a job, the struggle for housing.  They understand the multiple reasons why in this economy life is hard for many.

The Board of Supervisors did not create all the problems we have and they alone cannot fix it.

On paper many things sound good, reality is different. I trust someone who has worked for a living for years, employed people, encouraged people like me by giving me real world advice to find the stability I and others seek.

Trails do not put food on my table, telling me to go look for jobs that allow me to do so does. Telling me about resources that enable me in this effort helps, not empty promises of ideas that are touchy feely with no proosed funding .

I don't own land as do many people. The GPU is not what most people think about so perhaps Ryan and Virginia will probably win Judy and that is because they represent not just businesses and developers but also represent someone like me.

Sheriff Downey holds press conference on SB 1022 funding appeal

Sheriff Mike Downey held a press conference in the Sheriff's Correctional Facility briefing today at 10 a.m. to explain why Humboldt County was denied grant funding for SB 1022 money which would have been used to construct an Adult Local Criminal Justice Facilities Construction Program. This proposed facility would have been built on the dirt parking lot right next to the Humboldt County jail.

Yesterday Sherrif Downey appealed this decision in front of the Board of State and Community Corrections.
Present at the briefing were Undersheriff Billy Honsal and Lt. Steve Knight as well as Humboldt County Supervisors Virginia Bass, Rex Bohn, and Mark Lovelace.

This project would have created a two-story structure that would have housed Mental Health Services, the Probation Day Center (which is now on 5th Street and space is being rented) as well as Sheriff's work programs. It would have integrated services and inmates released could go next door from the jail instead of walking to these other facilities. Sheriff Downey also said that it would have addressed some concerns about nighttime and other releases that were brough up at the forum held recently at the Wharfinger.

Sheriff Downey said the project was excellent and it fit the parameters of SB 1022 and "the plan was to add soft beds" for program oriented people. There were 3 criteria preference points that needed to be met and Humboldt County was denied the award based on not meeting the criteria for matching funds. This denial was communicated to Humboldt County on December 12, 2013. On March 11, 3 counties, including Humboldt were allowed to appeal this decision. Humboldt County lost the appeal.

This project is crucial for us to deal with situations created due to realignment,Sheriff Downey stated.

Sheriff Downey said he was very disappointed in that decision and the press release that went out following the appeal. The point of contention was whether Humboldt County had met the requirements for matching funds.

Sheriff Downey detailed the process and communication between the time that Humboldt County applied for the grant and the denial and finally the appeal. He said that the Board of Supervisors had set money aside for matching funds for this project and authorized him to apply for this grant.

On November 4, 2013, the Sheriff's office received an email at 5:45 p.m., "after staff had gone home", about additional information regarding funding. The CAO was not available and he had been working with the Sheriff's office on this project, however the Assistant CAO responded to the email within the deadline, which was 8 hours.

They were still denied. Sheriff Downey spoke with Katie Howard, the BSCC executive director. It was not until March 6, 2013 that the Department of Finance who had issues with the funding criteria not being met wrote to the Sheriff telling them why they had been denied.

"The basis of my appeal was the time frame to address technical reviews was too short," said Sheriff Downey. "If they had told me exactly what they wanted, we could have had that information
in 5 minutes."

"Because of realignment, counties like ours are drowning, we need help from the state," said Sheriff Downey. "The California State Sheriff'sAssociation is pressing the Governor to provide money for such projects."

"We are ina good position for future funding," said Sheriff Downey. There will be opportunities in the summer he added. Appeals to the BSCC are not commonplace, only 1 other appeal has been awarded, so getting this appeal was a big deal, said Sheriff Downey.

Mar 11, 2014

Peter Martin should change his name to that lawyer whose drums up lawsuits as a career

The City of Eureka and the prayer lawsuit, the City of Arcata sued for it's pan-handling ordinance (one he partnered with Richard Salzman in a  brilliant scheme that benefited exactly who?), a letter and threatening lawsuit due to alleged violation of an open meeting by the Arcata Planning Commission. Now, Peter Martin is suing the Humboldt County Fair Association on behalf of Stuart Titus, alleging yet another violation of the Brown Act.

Eureka, Arcata, Ferndale, who's next Fortuna?

The Ralph M. Brown Act, was an act of the California State Legislature, authored by Assemblymember Ralph M. Brown and passed in 1953. It guaranteed the public’s right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies and was enacted in response to public concerns over informal, undisclosed meetings held by local elected officials.

It was not passed so lawyers like Peter Martin would profit. The community was outraged over Jason Singleton's predatory lawsuits. Is there a difference between Jason Singleton and Peter Martin?

Klein offers peek into platform, will form CAML to fight meth

As promised Arnie kept his remarks brief.  Channel 3, Times-Standard also covered the event. 7 enthusiastic supporters which included Blake Morrow, who described himself as Arnie's stragegist and Allisin Edrington, his media consultant.

Taking back the community and public safety were 2 issues Arnie mentioned as part of his platform.

Arnie said when he was in Garberville, people spoke to him about 50 people who were not residents, "who just came in", who congregate outside churches and other buildings, urinate, harass and intimidate people and families. There are only 2 law enforcement officers there, Arnie said.

Arnie said he plans to form a committee of citizens and law enforcement, CAML, which stands for Citizens Against Meth Labs. "I will prosecute them to the full extent of the law."

He mentioned debates being held by several organizatoons. This Thursday, the Tea Party is organizing one at the Eureka Veteran's Building at 7 p.m. "Listen intently to all candidates and make up your mind," said Arnie.

He concluded his remarks by saying, "There are only 7 or 8 prosecutors, I will not waste time on petty crimes and drunk in public. I will go after murderers, rapists, and I will not plea bargain cases with 2 years."

While he did not mention names, the last comment was directed and referred to his criticism of the Ferrer case which was prosecuted by Elan Firpo, one of the other candidates for DA.

I am an Elan supporter and there has been a lot of criticism by other candidates of this 1 case. These candidates are not active prosecutors presently. One thing I do agree with Arnie about is that people should attend debates, meet all candidates, listen to all, and then decide.

Arnie Klein to speak about his candidacy in front of the Courthouse today at 5 p.m.

From Arnie Klein's website and facebook page:

I will hold a press conference today at 5pm on the steps of the#Humboldt County Courthouse to talk about an important issue that impacts the lives of everyone in our community. I'll be there rain or shine. Make it if you can

Is he staying in the race? Is this another press conference about the Ferrer case? Inquiring minds will have to wait just another hour or so to find out.

Kent Sawatsky still considering run against Kelly Sanders for Humboldt County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters

Mr. Sawatsky has not yet decided whether he will join Ms. Sanders to run for the Humboldt County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters. He has until tomorrow to turn in the paperwork. This afternoon while he was at the Courthouse for the afternoon session of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, he said he is still considering. That is his final answer...for today.

William Duane Hillegeist denied release by Judge Feeney due to public safety concerns

William Duane Hillegeist, half of the Freshwater duo arrested on 3/6/14 was in court for 4 cases resulting from the incident below. Judge John Feeney presiding, Jason Sheets for the People and Public Defender Meagan O'Connell for the defendant.

Judge Feeney denied the request by O'Connell for supervised release.  Probation reports were received by the 
Court today. They were handed out to Mr. Sheets and Ms. O'Connell in court. 

After Ms. O' Connell spoke with Hillegeist, she told the court that he was a permanent resident of Humboldt
County, and worked for Mad River Builders. Ms. O'Connell addressed Hillegeist's previous failures to appear 
and said they were because he was out of town for jobs. "He promises to make all future court dates," said
Ms. O'Connell.

She added that he has 2 children, that number of his family members have medical issues, including his fiancee 
and he assists them. Ms. O'Connell requested Court grant him supervised release.

People objected.

Judge Feeney said that while he acknowledges that Hillegeist is a permanent resident and is sorry to hear about 
medical hardships, that supervised release request and releasing Hillegeist on his own recognizance  was denied 
due to the following reasons.

Judge Feeney said that the new charges included possession of a controlled substance, new offenses were 
committed while Hillegeist was out on OR bail and that Judge Feeney had concerns for public safety.

Bail Bonds were exonerated in 2 cases and bail was set at $10,000 and $25,000 in 2 other cases. Next 2 court

dates are March 17 at 3 p.m. and March 20 at 8:30 a.m.

On 03-06-2014 the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a man and woman yelling at each other at Freshwater park. Around the same time the call came in, a second citizen called on 911 stating they heard two gunshots in the area of the park.  While Sheriff’s Deputies and  a California Highway Patrol officer were enroute to the park, a third caller told Sheriff’s Dispatch they saw a man with a shotgun walking around in Freshwater Park. 
Based on a description of the vehicle, law enforcement searched for a truck which was found with a man and woman on Kneeland Road.  The truck was searched by the deputies for a weapon. While the deputies were searching the truck, Sheriff’s Dispatch told the deputies a passing motorist driving by the scene before law enforcement arrived; saw the male suspect with a hand gun and it appeared he just fired it. The passing motorist returned to Freshwater Park and showed deputies the area where he saw the shots being fired. Deputies located three spent 9mm shell casings on the ground at the entrance of Freshwater Park.

   The deputies who searched the truck located a loaded 9 mm semi auto handgun under the hood of the truck, wrapped in a basketball type jersey. The loaded magazine of the handgun was missing three rounds. Deputies also located a lap top computer that had been reported stolen to Eureka Police, along with approximately two pounds of dried marijuana and a scale. Deputies were able to determine during their investigation there was no shotgun, only a handgun.

The man detained was identified as William Duane Hillegeist, 31 years old and the detained woman Sara Balke, 26 years old, both residents of Eureka. They were both arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked on charges of possession of marijuana, transportation of marijuana, possession of stolen property and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Their bail was set at $25,000.00 each. 

Mar 10, 2014

Search and rescue results in happy outcome

     On 03-10-2014, at approximately 3:00 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a 34 year old female, who reported her sister, Maggie Sylvies, 33 years old from Eureka, as an overdue motorist. The 34 year old female told the investigating deputy that Maggie Sylvies left her residence on 09-09-2014, during the late afternoon to pick up a friend somewhere between Kneeland and Bridgeville. At 9:30 p.m., on 09-09-2014,  Maggie Sylvies called her sister and said her vehicle, a red 2002 Chrystler, was stuck in a ditch off a main road. She did not know her exact location, but was able to provide the name of a sign which said, “Iaqua Conservation Easement”.  At 11:00 p.m., 03-09-2014, she again contacted her sister, this time by text message, and said she was fine, but indicated her cell phone battery was dying.  Her sister became concerned after not hearing from her anymore, so she called to report her as missing, and possibly needing help.

            The Sheriff’s Office initiated a vehicle search for Maggie Sylvies and her vehicle. Deputies drove the road systems that she may have been driving on.  A California Highway Patrol Helicopter from Redding was brought in to assist in the search. 

            At 1:00 p.m., the California Highway Patrol helicopter crew located Maggie Sylvies and her vehicle off Showers Pass Road, in Kneeland. Her vehicle was stuck in deep mud. The helicopter landed and confirmed she was in good health. The helicopter crew directed deputies on the ground into Sylvies location. The deputies were able to assist Sylvies and her 31 year old male passenger, Michael Grant, from Eureka, in getting their car back onto the roadway.

           The Sheriffs Office would like to remind the public to tell family and friends where they are going when driving into the mountains and when they expect to return, bring appropriate equipment and clothing. This time of year the weather conditions can change rapidly. Wet and cold weather can cause hypothermia. A cell phone, map or GPS is also very helpful. Keep in mind not all rural areas have cell phone coverage and cell phone batteries need to be fully charged.
            Searchers need to have an area to search when looking for lost hikers and missing motorists. The more detailed the information about the roads the person is driving on or the trail the person is hiking on can greatly assist in locating them.

Bodhi Tree decision re death penalty case yet to be determined

The Bodhi Tree trial is still set for March 24. Whether this will be a case in which the death penalty will be sought or not is a determination not yet made. Elan Firpo, who is prosecuting the case for the People told the court that "Mr. (Paul) Gallegos (District Attorney) will be making that determination."

That decision is expected to be made by March 17, which is the date for Trial Readiness Conference, at a special set time of 4 p.m. Trial Assignment Conference is at 8:30 a.m. on March 21.

Bodhi Tree is charged with allegedly  shooting Rhett August on May 15 in Eureka and allegedly murdering Alan “Sunshine” Marcet and Christina Schwarz in Arcata on May 18.

Before his case was called, Tree briefly talked to one of his attorneys, Public Defender Casey Russo. His other attorney is Public Defender Heidi Holmquist. Tree seemed exasperated that he had to wait a few minutes before his case was being called as if being in court "was inconvenient". Maybe being back in jail seemed like a better option?

Ms. Holmquist stated that there were some "outstanding discovery issues" before trial. Ms. Firpo responded that discovery had been provided as requested and attempts to provide defense with discovery that was available was ongoing. In some cases, Ms. Firpo said the documents did not exist and affadavits could be provided by agencies to that effect, if neccessary.

Judge Dale Reinholtsen asked when the determination would be made about this being a death penalty case, at which point Ms. Firpo stated the date and that Mr. Gallegos would be making that decision. This is relevant because if it is a death penalty case, there are procedures to be followed. 

A daily transcript was mentioned. This refers to California Penal Code 190.9.  (a) (1) In any case in which a death sentence may be imposed, all proceedings conducted in the superior court, including
all conferences and proceedings, whether in open court, in conference
in the courtroom, or in chambers, shall be conducted on the record
with a court reporter present. The court reporter shall prepare and
certify a daily transcript of all proceedings commencing with the
preliminary hearing. Proceedings prior to the preliminary hearing
shall be reported but need not be transcribed until the court
receives notice as prescribed in paragraph (2).

(2) Upon receiving notification from the prosecution that the
death penalty is being sought, the clerk shall order the
transcription and preparation of the record of all proceedings prior
to and including the preliminary hearing in the manner prescribed by
the Judicial Council in the rules of court. The record of all
proceedings prior to and including the preliminary hearing shall be
certified by the court no later than 120 days following notification
unless the time is extended pursuant to rules of court adopted by the
Judicial Council. Upon certification, the record of all proceedings
is incorporated into the superior court record.
(b) (1) The court shall assign a court reporter who uses
computer-aided transcription equipment to report all proceedings
under this section.
 (2) Failure to comply with the requirements of this section
relating to the assignment of court reporters who use computer-aided
transcription equipment is not a ground for reversal.
(c) Any computer-readable transcript produced by court reporters
pursuant to this section shall conform to the requirements of Section
271 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Judge Reinhotsen asked if there would be a questionnaire for jury selection and Mr. Russo responded there would and Ms. Holmquist said that they would have that by March 17.

Confirmed, Paul not on the ballot this election

For once, Paul stuck with what he said and did not change his mind. He did not file for any office. I thought maybe if there was an open seat for judge but all 3 incumbents for that position: Judge Hinrichs, Judge Feeney and Judge Miles filed for re-election.

So not District Attorney, not Judge, what office then is Paul interested in?