Jan 10, 2014

Ruling on motions in Bullock case-Bail denied

Both motions granted. Hon. Judge Dale Reinholtsen presided over the hearing today. The motion for the gag order was tentatively granted but is reset to be heard before Judge John Feeney on January 15 to define the parameters of the order.

County Counsel was present at the hearing regarding the protective order on publicity. County Counsel wanted clarification on the protective order and their concern was how that would limit the County's ability to respond to public record requests. Judge Reinholtsen had considered how the gag order would affect media so in order to research and make an informed ruling regarding the County (The County just showed up for this hearing after being served the order by defense) Reinholtsen "tenatively" granted the order. The final ruling is expected when Judge Feeney hears the case next week.

Regarding the motion to increase bail or deny bail, Judge Reinholtsen denied bail.

Prior to his decision, he heard from both lawyers. Bullock's attorney Kaleb Cockrum argued that Bullock had ties to the community because his wife and family are here and that raising bail was "beyond (Bullock's) assets".

Elan Firpo who is prosecuting the case countered Cockrum's claim that Bullock's wife is leaving the area because of this case and that own his family wants nothing to do with Bullock. She said he has means to raise bail and that he was a flight risk.

Jan 8, 2014

Motion to deny bail filed by Firpo in Bullock case

Prosecuting attorney Elan Firpo has  filed a motion to deny bail in the Gary Lee Bullock case. The case will be on calendar this Friday afternoon in Dept 1.

Jan 7, 2014

Chamber agreement and extension of Measure O

At today's Eureka City Council meeting,  a services agreement between the city and Chamber of Commerce and providing city staff direction regarding placing an extension on Measure O on the November 2014 ballot were decided as follows:
The services agreement with the Eureka Chamber of Commerce had a termination clause this year. After service of non-continuance funding still has to continue for a year. Councilmember Ciarabellini asked why a year and not 90 days? The termination is final. Chamber Chair Greg Williston and Executive Director responded why a year would be helpful. Another change was flat rate for TOT.  The City Council voted to pass the agreement 4 yes Atkins dissenting.

Extension on Measure O vote was to give staff go ahead. All councilmembers wete in favor.

Board of Supervisors and Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Medical Marijuana Ordinance regarding outdoor grows that has been previously posted about on this site was up for discussion today during afternoon session. The Supervisors voted on staff recommendation passed 4 to 1.

Jan 6, 2014

Bullock arraignment

Before the arraignment of Gary Lee Bullock for Fr. Eric Freed, a hearing was held to determine if press would be allowed to take pictures. Some of Fr. Freed's family was at the arraignment and some parishioners.

 Elan Firpo is prosecuting the case for the District Attorneys case. Bullock being represented by Kaleb Cockrum from Conflict Counsel. Cockrum objected to pictures based on notice and timing and making it harder to get unbiased jury.

Judge Feeney presided over arraignment hearing. For just this hearing video and pictures were was allowed.

Not guilty plea. Bail 1.2 million.