Dec 13, 2013

Fleming paperwork filed with Elections office so it is official

Maggie filed her paperwork this Monday with the elections office and it is official.

Experience, Professionalism, Dedication is her slogan.

Listed below is just one of the many cases Maggie has prosecuted. While people involved with court and law need no introduction to Maggie, the general public deserves to know what an outstanding individual she is and why we are so lucky to have her run for D.A.

Just as she prepares throughly for her court cases, her profile which will be up soon, is worth waiting for.

Elan Firpo addresses attorney experience and other facts about her background

Elan worked her way through law school employed by a defense attorney. During the first 6 months she started practicing law, she worked for a defense attorney.

She also has experience protecting the accused, and she agrees with Arnie that this experience gives you an edge as a prosecutor because you have seen situations from both sides.

She disagrees with Arnie's statement that he is the only candidate who has both prosecuted and defended.

While she was a certified law student she defended families who were in the system whose children were taken away by Child Welfare Services and were working towards reunification. "This has shaped the way I approach prosecution."

With so many families locally here where criminal and family issues overlap, I think having a DA candidate with CWS experience is an asset not only in the courts but how juveniles and CAST is handled.

Springville Steak grand opening on Dec 15

Springville Steak is having the Grand Opening on Sun Dec 15 from 3-5pm. The restaurant is Beverly Wolfe's latest venture and is located at 320 Main St Fortuna.  There will be  Oyster served from Aqua Rodeo, a local business owned by Sebastian Elrite. Wine tasting-tastes from Briceland Winery, another local business. They will be serving Fortunatini's at the bar and Humboldt Distillery Vodka with Clendenen's fine Cider. Loleta Cheese, Springville Steak's  Mac and Cheese and other culinary delights will be served at the grand opening.

Santa will be there with with local candies and children can put an ornament on the beautiful tree and get a free slider and warm cider. For those wishing to have dinner from 5 to 9, please make reservations by calling (707) 725-3700.


Praxis to share space with Avalon

Avalon in Eureka will still use the party room  which has an entrance on 3rd street and Praxis will use the main room. Praxis' last day at the present location is on Christmas Eve, they will re-open at the new location on January 2, 2014.

Dec 11, 2013

Arnie Klein : Because Experience Matters

Arnie Klein's website is His slogan: Because Experience Matters.
When I asked Arnie what sets him apart from the other 3 candidates, he said , "My 20 years of experience representing the accused allows me insight into making sure both the accused and the victims rights are preserved. The other 3 running cannot say that."
The following information is highlights from his bio and to read about his career, check out his website.
Realized early all in life that his calling was to make a difference for in his community and to level the playing field for people in all communities. In LA County, he was a sexual assault  prosecutor and never lost a sexual assault case. His experience taught him that prosecution without education would not remedy the impact of these crimes, which not only affect the victim, but the community as well.  Started outreach programs. He then went into private practice as a criminal defense attorney. He transitioned back to serving the public as a prosecutor which is what he finds to be most gratifying and rewarding.
Arnie has won convictions in high-profile gang murder cases, prosecuted career criminals, homicides, and major narcotic operations. Eradicating meth-cooking operations is one of his most satisfying accomplishments. 
He has served as Deputy District Attorney for six years under the current administration. In local court circles, he is known for winning jury trials and been called a "master in the courtroom."

Arnie's opinion is that the Humboldt County District Attorney's office,  as it is currently run, is not meeting the needs of the citizens  and that many civil, environmental, and community issues are in need of redress. 

Obamacare in Humboldt

Rate hikes hidden in California enrollment numbers, a dog being successfully signed up for Obama care due to a clerical error, finally the truth is coming out. When you stop laughing or fuming (the latter if you are one of those Obama supporters yelling at me and accusing me of listening to Fox regardless of what I write) consider the real consequences for Humboldt.

Hey if Baxter was actually signed up when he was the answer to a security question, maybe Humboldt could be signing up many sativas and indicas before they catch on that it’s just a system error.

Even if we were to ignore the system glitches, the security risks, all of which should have been acknowledged without the typical excuses from our President and his team and fixed before this monstrosity was rolled out; the facts are that people’s plans have been cancelled and they cannot chose their own doctors. For me, that is the difference between being a productive member of society and being told disability is my only option. I was fortunate find  a doctor who provided me excellent care 3 years ago when others told me I could no longer work full-time. Financially right now I have to sign up for a plan I can afford but that may mean losing my doctor.

Despite claims it has been fixed, problems persist and while a majority of users can access it, not everyone can.  In California, the state with the largest uninsured population, most of those who have applied are older people with health problems. This will cause premiums and costs to go up. According to certain media reports, the registration numbers for California and the unemployment rate going down is exaggerated. There are very real life consequences for people in Humboldt, especially if you are poor, homeless or struggling.

In Humboldt if you patronize any of the low-income clinics, you know the months of waiting to see a doctor, the impossible quest to get a person on the line to make an appointment, and by then your mild condition has worsened into chronic. This is what sometimes results in people going to the ER and not a doctor. But that fact is ignored by political pundits who would rather spin reality.

Another problem with Obamacare is that many providers are not in the market exchange plans and there are limited choices. We are already limited here, our choice is Anthem or Anthem. So, you may be able to see a doctor in Redding or Santa Rosa, if you are lucky. By then you may have died, but hey what are you complaining about, you got healthcare coverage.

Now I am not as smart as the President and his wise team, but I have this silly notion that maybe having a job where I could actually pay for my own expenses, maybe even chose my own doctor might have been the way to go to get more people insured. A job usually means you can put a roof over your head on your own, feed yourself and take care of yourself. I know it is a novel concept and government taking care of me is clearly the better option. But that job creation stuff must be difficult. After all it’s the fault of those Republicans. Surely standing up to those darn Republicans and tea party to push through legislation and now a flawed execution of this historic program is easier.

In the next few months, if you are not exempt from Obamacare, and don’t fit into any exchange plans, don’t worry. You can chose between rent and Obamacare, food and Obama care, car insurance and Obamacare.  And if you can’t afford any of those, we will just tax those who have more and sign you up for programs for all of those.

Republicans aren’t always right but in this case, the President lied and misled. And if he had put half as much effort on job creation instead of partisan bickering, we would have less unemployed and uninsured. You could accuse me of partisanship, but I am not the President and did not make promises to the American people I did not keep. And having my team defend me and take the blame is not a sign of a leader.

Dec 10, 2013

D.A. Candidate profiles

When Alan announced his intention to run, he got to share a bit about his background and why he is running. I have a profile and information on Elan and Arnie and soon on Maggie. I will include some personal insights as well as some information from personally talking and covering the candidates.

Justice Fairness Firpo4DA profile

Very impressed that Elan was out in the freezing cold this past weekend December Arts Alive. There are photos on her facebook page and Rose's blog that I took. They may not indicate crowds but trust me people stopped by to talk to her, pick up brochures and she has been out to a variety of events in Humboldt.

Some of the information on her brochure is on other posts in this blog such as her award from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Her brochure has a letter from her stating why she is running, information on her. In this post, I will only share some of the highlights.

Elan talks about the fact that most of the crime in Humboldt is committed by a small percentage of the population and that she will focus on that small percentage. She talks about the Humboldt County D.A's office being a partner with law enforcement and the D.A's office working with law enforcement, probation and the community to make Humboldt safer.

Elan plans to shut the revolving door, offer fewer plea bargains, end the polarization surrounding the D.A's office by reaching out to the community; focus on management and resources, seek funding to recruit talent to the office, focus marijuana prosecution on grows that damage the environment and dangerous criminal elements.

Just 2 of her cases that have received press;

Elan added some specifics to what is on her website and her brochure. "In order to get funding back to the office that we need to increase the resources we need, I intend to generate a better work product."

Regarding polarization, she clarified that in the previous campaigns, there was political polarization because there were anti-Paul factions and Paul factions. With Paul deciding not to seek another term, she wants her campaign to be "politically neutral. I want to work with both sides of the community."

Dec 9, 2013

Jager reccomends Albin for 5th ward

Mayor Jager recommends Chet Albin for 5th ward.


December 9, 2013

RE: 5th Ward Council Appointment

 Mayor Frank Jäger announced today that he is recommending Chet Albin for
appointment to the Eureka City Council, 5th Ward. The appointment will be agendized
on the December 17, 2013 Council meeting for approval by Council.

 Three Eureka citizens of the 5th Ward submitted their names to Mayor Jäger for the
vacancy created by Councilmember Lance Madsen of the 5th ward. A 5 member sub-
committee consisting of Mike Jones, Polly Endert, Neal Latt, Lorene Dunnaway and John
Fullerton interviewed each of the applicants and made their recommendation to Mayor
Jäger. The three qualified applicants were Chet Albin, Leslie Lolich and Barry Smith
who all live within the 5th Ward. Mr. Albin was ranked as the number one candidate by 4
of the 5 sub-committee members.

 Chet Albin has been a Eureka resident since 1985 and is a lifelong resident of Humboldt
County. He has served on many local organizations including Fortuna Rotary, CASA,
Humboldt Independent Insurance Agents Association, Six Rivers Basketball Referees
Association, Eureka Hosing Advisory Board, Eureka Parking Place Commission and is
currently a member of the Eureka Planning Commission.

 Mayor Jäger would like to thank all of the applicants who came forward to apply for the
vacancy and volunteer to serve the City of Eureka. Special thanks to the committee for
giving up an evening of their time to assist in the process. Mayor Jäger stated, “It was a
very tough decision as each of the applicants was very qualified and would do a great job
for Eureka. At the end of the day, I relied on the recommendation of the 5 member
committee and their insight into the candidates along with input from Councilmember
Lance Madsen.”