Nov 27, 2013

What the Times-Standard article on CSAC incident did not include

The Times-Standard did an article on the CSAC incident. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to get information from an independent observer. I talked with Mike Sullivan yesterday. He said the article represented his views fairly.

What was not in the article is what I will include in this post. According to Del Norte Supervisor Mike Sullivan, the incident occurred at a meeting of the Coastal County Regional Association. This is not an official committee of CSAC. The atmosphere is very informal. Supervisor Lovelace co-chaired this committee for many years and co-chaired it with another Supervisor from Ventura County.

At the end of the agenda, the item regarding co-chairs came up. They asked for people interested, said Sullivan. "Supervisor Bass expressed interest only if Mark was not opposed to this idea. Mark did not say anything. So, I made the motion to appoint Virginia as co-chair. Again, Supervisor Lovelace did not say anything."

"In hindsight, if he wanted to continue, he should have spoken up." Sullivan then described the incident to me as reported in the T-S. Supervisor Bohn and Bass had their backs, Sullivan saw Mark walk and make a beeline and "it was a hard hit with open palm" and Supervisor Bass took 3 steps forward.

"In Del Norte, we have some pretty difficult decisons to make but I have never seen another Supervisor strike another Supervisor. I may be old-fashioned but I think that is shocking, especially a man striking a woman."

Sullivan said Virginia did not fall to the ground and there was no cursing. I had a comment sent to me that I did not publish that included these exaggerated facts.

 Even though I have supported both Rex and Virginia, and Virginia is a friend, I kept my previous post and comments free of opinions. Supervisor Sullivan is a neutral party.

Apologizing to Virginia in a newspaper article or email does not make this kind of behavior okay. This kind of behavior is embarrassing publicly for Humboldt County, spinning the incident by some does not change what happened. I find the HCDCC silence on this very telling. There was no planned coup of the seat. Mark you may represent the third district but you are accountable to all of the citizens of Humboldt County.

Can the public damage to Humboldt's image be undone? As Rex said, the rest is between you and Virginia to handle.

Nov 26, 2013

Other possible candidates for the D.A's race?

With Paul not running, I am sure more candidates are debating to run. Have heard other names mentioned as possibilities like Allan Dollison. In the past this source has been accurate, this time I am not sure but the rumor has been circulating for a while. I do know Allan Dollison is renting office space near the courthouse, he was also at the last Eureka Chamber Mixer.  I just checked Arnie Klein's website, there was an endorsing comment from Allan. So who knows what all that means? He may or may not be running.

Of all the names rumored or those planning to run, no one has certain info on the CA State Bar
 website. This is public information. I don't have anything against Allan personally and he is a nice guy so while this information may be some years old, if one is running for the office of District Attorney it is important. This post is stuff ordinary people do not know and Allan should be reminded that this race gets nasty and others could use that against him, if he runs.

Unlike anon posts, bloggers, commentators, I sign my name. Just like last year, the anon posts have already started attacking the candidates and other bloggers. Some of these anon posts come from the invisible support, some not,  and when they attack me or any other blogger or news source that uses our real name and tries to get information out that should concern the average public.

I have always urged people regardless of who they support to not make their decision by listening to media, blogs, or someone else's opinion but to meet the candidate and do their own research. If you don't put that effort in, then don't complain about the results.

Behind every candidate there maybe indirect support. In the District Attorney's race, I would worry more about the underground economy funding, the defense attorneys who visibly or invisibly maybe supporting someone than who endorses or funds someone. Don't let the courthouse in-crowd elect your next District Attorney.

Maggie Fleming to run for DA

I have known this for a while. I just got confirmation to  post her formal intention.  Another first for John Chiv and so far, with the D.A's race always announced first here.

I have seen Maggie in action. I was hoping she would run.  This news has me very excited. I have sat through and watched Maggie in the courtroom on more than one occasion, including a very high profile case. She is very impressive.

Admitted to the bar in 1986, she has worked for the Humboldt District Attorney's office and presently employed by Humboldt County Counsel.

Maggie is very private, very professional. She has successfully prosecuted many cases for the Humboldt District Attorney's office. Check out the Humboldt County D.A's website, google her and I will post links as time permits.

Nov 25, 2013

Incident witnessed at CSAC conference

There was an incident witnessed by other supervisors between 2 Humboldt Supervisors at the CSAC (California State Association of Counties) conference last week. If there is any information on other blogs and the comment section, it may be exaggeration. The incident involved Mark Lovelace and Virginia Bass.

I happen to know Virginia is out of town. I did contact her out of concern as her friend. I am very open about who I support unlike other blogs and news sources that have their biases but do not disclose. This is my effort to quell rumors.

I think whoever sent the information should respect Virginia and allow her to handle this as she sees fit. However, I do report and write on a variety of news and since the information is out there now, I think it should be verified to see what the facts are.

I plan to see what I can find out. Tomorrow I will have information from an independent observer. Virginia's shoulder was injured. After I talk to the independent observer, when Virginia returns I will talk to her and if Mark has anything to say, he knows where to reach me. What is interesting is that there were comments about this that I cannot find now. Interesting observation.