Nov 22, 2013

Motions heard in Adam Laird Case and trial date to be postponed

One of four motions in the Adam Laird case was heard by Judge Marilyn Miles this afternoon. The other 3 have been continued until December 20. Judge Miles heard and went over each item in the first motion which was to compel certain discovery. Both Laird's attorney Patrik Griego and Roger Rees from the Humboldt County District Attorney's office were questioned by Judge Miles before she ruled on each item.

This phase is just trial prep for the case. For previous hearing, Thad Greenson from the Times-Standard was present. He was not there this afternoon. Allie Norton from KIEM =-TV was there but left early.

Laird was arrested April 17 and charged with committing assault under the color of authority and knowingly making a false statement in a police report and using excessive force. In a motion filed with the court, Griego argued that this was the first case in recent memory referred to the Humboldt County D.A's office and that other cases were handled internally. Part of Griego's selective prosecution theory also alleges that Laird is being targeted by the EPD for his political views and support.

Until the trial starts, if anyone in the public is interested in the minutiae of how the legal system works, it is worthwhile to attend these pre-trial hearings. I am attending because I want information for myself and to give some general reporting  on this case. People locally have very strong feelings about the EPD, current Eureka City Council and Laird's supporters are Larry Glass and Garr Nielsen. Glass has been present at all hearings.

One of the three motions continued was a motion to dismiss. Judge Miles denied some items, asked for some items to be modified and resubmitted. On some items, Judge Miles told Griego what he was was asking for was "too broad, vague and onerous." It wasn't a win for one side or the other. To be fair, you can't report on such a hearing. You have to be there.A summary would not be a fair representation of why Judge Miles made her decisions.

Nov 20, 2013

The real story is not that Paul called it quits, but why?

Up to a few months ago, Paul was undecided he was running, some insiders were absolutely certain that he would announce. I had others saying he would not run. My source was someone very close to him. I don't think Paul had decided for sure.

The news release today on blogs that Paul is not running is not the story. When I announced way back in September he would run, I knew there was a chance that this was information that was either misleading or a possibility he may change his mind.

I have announced here before anyone else, rumors who may run, and before anyone else about Arnie Klein and Elan Firpo. The real story is why did Paul decide against a 4th term?

There has been talk that Joan wasn't keen on him running for another term and as his wife who is closest to this decision and most affected by it, she should have that say. There has been talk that he is interested in being a judge. That is an interest expressed by others too, so we shall see.

Knowing Paul, he would not make this decision unless he had another and better opportunity in mind. Public elected officials do move up. There is also the possibility that after a close win over Allison Jackson, knowing who some of the other rumored contenders maybe, in addition to Arnie and Elan running, he wanted to go out as a winner and not take a chance at yet another election.

When he started introducing Elan around, it was obvious he would support her in some way. Maybe a deal between them gone sour? Campaigns locally get nasty and people dig. Is there information that wont be out now that Paul isn't running.

The real story is out there why he decided not to run. Paul can chose to share that or not with his chosen media reps. I for one, would rather focus on those wanting to run for D.A. next year.

My choice for 5th ward for Eureka City Council

These quotes are from an article in today's Times-Standard.

I have a good grasp of the issues of the city of Eureka, and I just believe that I could do a good job,” Albin said.

He wrote in his application that the biggest challenges facing Eureka include hiring a new city manager, and being more effective in addressing crime, the homeless population and illegal drug use.

"I think I would be a good addition to the current council,” Smith said. “I'd bring a different perspective to the council based on my business and the type of community service I've done in the past and am currently doing.”

In his application, Smith wrote he would love to see a diverse, vibrant economy that is less dependent on tourism and the region's “underground economy.”

I would be happy with either Chet Albin or Barry Smith and while I know both of them, I have known Chet longer and better.  I also feel the issues and challenges he refers to are the ones I would like to see the entire council address. Chet Albin is my choice for 5th Ward and I hope that is the recommendation made by Mayor Jager to City Council.