Nov 2, 2013

Change of command ceremony at 1 pm

The print edition of the TS had the wrong location for Andy Mills change of command ceremony. It is the Adorni not the Wharfinger. The time was not listed. It is 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Thank you Eureka Councilmember Mike Newman for the information.

Oct 30, 2013

Surfside Burger Shack expanding

Surfside Burger Shack is expanding and the changes will include a game room, a larger dining area and expanded seating, a separate area and window for pick-up only and the front window area will now be used for hosting the tsunami challenge.

For more on Surfside Burger Shack, read the article in this blog under older posts.

Oct 28, 2013

Time for complainers to step up and do something

A big thank you to Councilmember Lance Madsen for his service to the City of Eureka. He has shown his love and dedication to Eureka in many ways, including stepping down now to make the way for someone else to continue the work.

The City Council will decide November 5 what the process will be to fill Lance's seat. This is the time for the chronic City of Eureka naysayers and complainers who like to backseat drive to either act and step in and apply, if they are qualified. A minor detail, they would have to live in the 5th Ward.

It is not easy being a public servant in Eureka, it is not easy making decisions that others without full knowledge feel entitled to criticize.

Lance you will be missed at City Council meetings but I am sure we will be seeing you just as often. Nothing keeps a good man down.

Pleasant chat with Firpo at a community event

I always tell people not to believe what they read in the media or blogs and to meet a candidate before deciding who to vote for. It is too early to endorse or choose any one in the Humboldt County D.A's race. Yesterday I ran into Elan Firpo at a local community event and had a chance to talk to her.

Some of the local media reported on the fact that Firpo won the 2013 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Outstanding Prosecutor award for her outstanding dedication to holding defendants accountable for committing the crime of driving under the influence.

The Humboldt County District Attorney's office does send out press releases and this was one of them, but what is different from the cases that get covered in the media simply because they are high profile is that Firpo got this award from MADD and that makes it an independent observation.

We need a D.A. who sends out the message that irresponsible behavior has consequences. Especially when the outcome is fatal and costs lives. Firpo has also been impressive in some of the cases she has been in the spotlight lately.

A good politician can win over someone who previously was sceptical, and Firpo did achieve that last night. We had a pleasant chat and I am keeping an open mind.