Oct 18, 2013

Local printers not good enough for Lisa Ollivier

I guess the local candidate endorsed by the Democrats who claim to speak for all local Dems conveniently forgot to check ? mention? that John Fullerton had all his printing done locally. Lisa Ollivier may have had some printing done locally but  the mailers seem to be non- union  and printed outside Humboldt. Will we see investigative reporting on this in NCJ or is that only reserved for certain elected officials?

Oct 17, 2013

Old Town Hostel

Since I moved here 10 years ago, I have heard different visions about what should be the anchor economy in Humboldt, and tourism is one of them. People supporting this idea think of it as a panacea. I also see the shop and support local mantra touted. Do our actions back our words?

For any idea to work locally we need put aside polarizing political differences, see what we can focus in common, have a vision and implement it with small steps. No need to spend thousands of dollars doing feasibility studies and worrying about the bureaucracy and regulations in California which are sudden death for just a thought that could be the next Humboldt economic boom.

We have a wonderful Old Town and Downtown area filled with small businesses, local artists and natural beauty that takes the breath away. When we live here, sometimes we take that for granted. Outsiders who visit or move here fall in love with this area and are impressed with what we have to offer.

We are having a few hotels being constructed but what about an Old Town hostel?

There was talk of a hostel being built a few years ago. I think in Old Town, a hostel that would cater primary to tourists and could also be rented by small conferences or businesses scouting the area would work. Make it green emphasizing the priority we put on environment. Promote the local shops and culture in Old Town and that people could walk downtown. No need for a car. You can walk, shop, eat and play in Old Town. There are car rental agencies for longer trips.

Have the Humboldt County Convention and Visitors Bureau, all the Chamber of Commerce groups, Eureka Main Street, Humboldt Made cross promote and you would be booked all year.

We have beautiful historic buildings in Old Town, imagine the hostel in the space above the Sea Grill. No additional floors added, no obstruction of the view, a restaurant that anchors and no need for additional parking spaces.

People could go to Starbucks or Ramones or Old Town Coffee; they could explore the world at Ciara’s Irish Shop, do the booze cruise at the Madaket or sip wine at the Wine Spot and have their choice of places to eat. Get a custom made basket at Bella Baskets. Or dine on some fish and chips at Gallagher’s and end the night at the Speakeasy.

These businesses are just some of my favorites in Old Town; a couple I have worked with doing small promotions. Tourists and visitors come inside these places and they get recommendations where to go, what to see and the Humboldt welcome.

Are the organizations that are being paid to promote this area counting marketers and promoters and individuals like me that list and link their sites on our websites and showcase what Humboldt has to offer. Our efforts are privately and self funded. We also need to acknowledge the baristas, the servers, the small business owners who are one on one ambassadors and bring people back for a second visit, maybe third? A growing and thriving economy needs to have a place for fresh and new voices and leadership that develops and encourages future leaders.

For someone like me, the stakes are very simple. I want to share with the rest of the country and the world, the pride I feel living in Humboldt.

Oct 15, 2013

Pizza! Pizza! in Eureka to open without the usual protests?

Little Caesars in Burre Center to be opening soon. Bev Mo is opening tomorrow, Sports Authority and Ulta will open in the mall soon. TJ Maxx has already opened. And no outcry from the anti-corporation, frothing at the mouth protesters?

I asked some of the 20 -25 age group who usually balk at any mention of  corporations why they did not have a problem with Bev Mo? They responded, "because we are alcoholics". We all laughed. Such honesty and humor is a welcome change.