Oct 5, 2013

Arnie Klein to formally announce he is running for DA on November 13

Just saw Arnie at Arts Alive. He is making the rounds at Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, local events meeting people and introducing himself. He told me that on November 13 at 12:15, he will formally announce his candidacy in front of the Courthouse.

Griego shows why he was voted California lawyer of the year

I have my own opinion of the Laird case and will be interesting to see the evidence presented in December. I was never a big fan of defense attorneys but there are a few in Humboldt that have changed my mind. Patrik Griego has shown over and over that he can take high profile cases and win for his clients. Remember the Jeannie Duncan case. Personally, Patrik and I may have different  views  sometimes but as an attorney he is one of my favorite local lawyers. He is professional, down to earth, brilliant, and fights for his clients with hard work and talent.  Sometimes law and justice prevail simultaneously  and it helps having a lawyer who will do his best for you.

Sep 29, 2013

Free Day at the Sequoia Park Zoo

The animals at the Sequoia Park Zoo are very concerned about the free day at the zoo today. Usually these peace loving, chill creatures look forward to the visits by humans and bask in the “ooh and ahs” of children and adults.

So why are they agitated? If they could send an urgent communiqué to the zoo board, they would, but the animal to human dictionary has not yet been created. If we could understand them, their thoughts might be something like the following.
We are worried that if the free day leads to the zoo being packed to capacity, chaos is going to break out when others won't be allowed to enter due to the rules set by the fire marshal. Kazoos and drums may drown out the chirping and clacking of the pelicans.
Why are these humans always complaining about something? The relationship between pelicans and people has been contentious. We have been persecuted because of our perceived competition with commercial and recreational fishers, according to the fountain of knowledge, Wikipedia. You don't see us forming a protest against the local fishermen?
They call us wildlife, yet we seem to communicate and act better than some humans. We just monkey around in our space, we don't worry about the panda next door. And we are so grateful when the zoo keepers feed us.
We accept that larger, stronger feed upon the smaller. If we don't get away fast enough, we accept we are dinner. We don't worry about sexual orientation or who is dating who, we just mate, reproduce, take care of our own and get them self-sufficient as soon as possible. No moving back into the cave as an adult.
We should be the next models for Humboldt Made. We eat organic, natural and local cuisine, especially if we are out and free in nature. We don't need Porta Potties. And if we accidentally nibble on a cannabis plant, no jail time for us. Come to think of it, we should form a group of all indoor and domesticated wildlife being denied access to cannabis by our owners.
Where is that animal psychic to interpret and convey our thoughts and lawyer defending our rights against human privilege?
Sometimes in all the clamor, it does seem that gratitude is missing in our daily lives. The animals trust they will have their daily bread, they enjoy the simple joys of nature, they have no sense of entitlement, and they manage to co-exist accepting that in nature, life is not always fair.