Aug 28, 2013

In politics, little people matter

Arnie Klein just sent this over. He considered the idea of running, met people he felt could give insight, then filed his intention statement. Completed the paperwork so he is set to operate and receive donations and has a way for constituents to contact him. Arnie has a plan and a goal. He has shown he is savvy enough to know that in politics, there are no big people or little people, just voters.

He is known for his presence in the courtroom and has won jury trials. I look forward to learning more about Arnie and his positions.

Elan Firpo has been making the rounds. Has been to a couple Eureka Chamber mixers, was seen at the HCDCC headquarters with Paul Gallegos. Both Arnie and Firpo supported Paul in the last election.

I have heard Paul may run and he may not. Is his presence with Firpo just politics or mentoring? Got to tell Elan that just the party machine, just certain names don't win elections. A winning team and humility go a long way in courting voters. So far, I am not impressed.

This isn't an endorsement for anyone, just an observation.