Aug 12, 2013

Finally! A candidate for D.A. I would support whole-heartedly

This is the third time you heard it here first. Rumor or fact?  Another name being mentioned as a candidate for the Humboldt County D.A’s race is Cyndi Day-Wilson, the attorney for the City of Eureka .

I hope Ms. Wilson is considering this possibility. 25 years of experience as a lawyer; as a lobbyist and legislative analyst and experience in the public sector with impressive credentials in Environmental Law and Natural Resources on a federal and state level.

Best of all, she was not employed by Paul, did not leave Paul’s office, does not have those small town loyalties with the inner court crowd and  is not indebted to the SoHum underground economy. She can debate on why she should be elected instead of just saying, “I am not Paul or I will change what he does even though I agreed with what he did while being employed by him,” and can run a campaign based solely on merit.

It is time for a change. Time for the people to elect a  DA that does not kow tow to any inner circle. 

I have observed her during City Council meetings. A very calm and classy lady and I believe she is someone who can follow the law, respect law enforcement, yet make sure liberties and rights are respected. Will the local progressive and liberals keep an open mind if she does run?

I don’t expect her to be Wonder Woman or perfect, I just want someone who challenges Paul for the right reasons and wants this job other than to stroke their own ego.