Jun 20, 2012

Comic relief at the City Council meeting

Forget Hulu, forget cable, I have all the free entertainment I need here by just attending the Board of Supervisor and City Council meetings.

Issues people feel compelled to comment on always amaze me. At last night's City Council meeting, the City Council budget had no public comment, but the ordinance updating regulations regarding beekeeeping took well over an hour.

Councilwoman Marian Brady had the best comment of the entire night. "Everything in Eureka is complaint driven!" 

Next time, I am bringing popcorn. 

At the Board of Supes meeting, we heard yet again from the Occupiers about the same ole same ole rhetoric that has been repeated since last October. It was like being stuck watching reruns of Groundhog Day. The irony is that after I just commented that I was heckled and harassed for speaking up by Occupiers and not conforming to their views, I walk out and it happens again.

Rational dialogue cannot occur with people in denial.