Jun 2, 2012

The Ritz is open!

The Ritz had a soft opening last night. I have been waiting to try the food and last night, I went back twice to sample the delightful fare by Chef Eric. From the time the doors opened until they closed, people kept coming in and this with no formal announcement, just word of mouth. I want to compliment Jack and his staff because they did a fantastic job accommodating the unanticipated rush.

A special shout out to Samuel for his recommendations which were all spot-on. Until next week, the Ritz is offering a tasting menu and asking for feedback. In a week the Ritz will be offering a full-menu.

I am hoping with Arts Alive today and personal recommendations from last night, the second night will be just what is needed to kick-off a successful launch of this new incarnation of the Ritz.

I enjoyed everything I tried but the must haves include the scallop and Bay shrimp Fritters, the duck Pot Stickers, the eggplant rolls with pita bread and for dessert, the banana bread pizza with strawberries and  nutmeg whipped cream. The chicken satay and the shrimp, crab and sundried pizza were good as well. There are different sauces and flavors for each dish. Hoping the curry lemon aioli I tried with the breadsticks is a staple.

For the last few months, on Arts Alive, people have been enjoying pizza made in the wood brick oven but you  have to sample this menu to really appreciate the flavor.

In addition to good food, what warmed me most was the support by the community. My fellow diners included several people I see frequently including Brian and Gailen from Oberon Grill, Gregg Foster from Redwood Capital Bank, Emily Jacobs from Fly Humboldt, and Michele from The Spa at Personal Choice. And a special mention to Laurel at the Speak Easy for reminding me of the opening.

I went out and took menus and told people about the Ritz. Although, this is now my living, last night was about supporting my favorite local businesses, investing in my community and good company.