Mar 21, 2012

Occupy Eureka and their political agenda

An article in the Times-Standard quoting me.

 In the Times-Standard article quote, the words political agenda were left out. They are a crucial point in my opinion.

What I actually said.

I would like to thank Supervisor Smith for the suggesting an interim emergency ordinance addressing concerns from many people that have to live daily with the consequence of the actions of a few people.

This is not about freedom of speech or lack of compassion for the mentally ill or homeless. 

This is about a political agenda by some to make our Supervisors and law enforcement look bad when they are doing their best to listen to all sides and protect the rest of us who cannot enjoy public space which also belongs to us. 

This is about a few people that are disrespectful, that refuse help, and would rather use drugs and alcohol with no consequences. There are many homeless and mentally ill that would welcome food and services but their plight has been made worse by the tactics of the people who claim to be speaking for them outside this courthouse.

I have already expressed how I feel about the sexual comments and harassment and it’s mostly 1 person and he is still here because of the lack of action by Paul Gallegos and those that support Occupy Eureka and chose to encourage this behavior. I want to know who is supplying these protestors with pot and alcohol since they supposedly have no money.

It’s great that the Street Outreach Services is finally here. Why were they not here months ago? I have only seen them here twice and unless you have been through the bureaucracy of DHHS, it is difficult to explain that news headlines don’t always result in people getting the help they need.

Our District Attorney has made the job of our law enforcement ineffective by giving a free pass to the few troublemakers that have hijacked the Occupy cause for their own selfish agenda. Someone needs to remind Paul, once again, that he was elected to protect all citizens. I don’t buy his selective enforcement and interpretation of laws that protect criminals and tells law abiding citizens that we just have to deal with it.

Mar 18, 2012

Scene on Foot

One of my favorite things that helps me to relax is to walk.  I have met many interesting people, seen sights that can only be enjoyed on foot and discovered Eureka from a unique perspective.

I must have passed this house on E Street many times and always thought it looked very colorful and different but it was just another house, different from others, which is one of Eureka’s appeal. Houses, like people, have their own distinct character and style.

A painting in the yard of this house caught my eye. After my daily cup of coffee, I went back to the house for a closer look. It was a painting of Tsurai Beach with those letters boldly stenciled on the painting. Trinidad is my favorite place in Humboldt County and that day I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to go there. I was also thinking of the rich Native American history of Humboldt County and the local tribes.

The second time I went back there, the artist was out in the yard and introduced himself to me as “Otto”. He was very modest. Later when I found out later that he was THE Curtis Otto, the experience I had that day grew in its significance.

Art can speak volumes and touch people and open their minds. I have personal reasons why seeing that painting for me was special. For Otto, he wanted to make a statement. Otto told me he had been working on this painting for years but there was something that seemed “incomplete.” Adding the words Tsurai Beach, added that final touch for him. He said he never did like the name Trinidad, because it did not conjure up Humboldt County. “Trinidad is in Spain,” he said. “This beach and the name Tsurai  is what the Indians called the area and I wish they would change the name back because this is their land.”

I have to agree with Otto.

This happened when I first moved to Eureka. Since then Otto and I have had several conversations about many things but that day always brings a smile to my face. I learned more about Tsurai Beach and Eureka from him than I could have reading any books or doing research. But most of all Otto, thank you for reminding me that I too can make a difference—my gift is with words.

New flood insurance program offered
The Times-Standard
Posted:   03/06/2012 02:35:14 AM PST

California Meridian and Stan Smith Insurance Services have joined forces to offer a new flood insurance program to North Coast residents.
The new program can save customers as much as 50 to 60 percent, according to a press release, reducing the cost to less than $1,000 for basic  coverage.
The two agencies are also offering a program for seniors through the American Association of Retired People for their auto and home insurance.
California Meridian and Stan Smith Insurance Services offer a host of other cost-savings programs as well, according to the release, and can be reached at 269-4312 or at 509 J St. in Eureka.